King’s X Live!

June 16, 2009 The Riot Room, Kansas City, Mo.

by John Kindred
Staff Writer

The Riot RoomOrange Sky opened the evening with a blistering set of music that comprises a multitude of musical elements from hard rock, soft rock, punk and reggae which is ground into a metallic presentation. The band is led by lead vocalist and guitarist Nigel Rojas, rhythm guitarist Joel Beazer, bassist Nicholas Rojas, keyboardist Richard Hall, and drummer Obasi Springer.

Touring in support of their latest studio album Dat Iz Voodoo on StarCity records, Orange Sky took the stage and for nearly an hour they held the attention of the crowd. Not being overly familiar with the band was not a hindrance to enjoying the energetic music.

Hailing from Trinidad, the Caribbean band had no trouble connecting with the audience. Their free spirited energy certainly was absorbed by the crowd. The band was more than generous with their time before and after their set. They mingled with the crowd, signed autographs and took pictures with eager fans.

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King's X Set ListDoug Pinnick, Ty Tabor, and Jerry Gaskill are the three parts that equal the whole that is King’s X. Their return to Kansas City was witnessed by a packed house. From the time that the band took the stage the demeanor of Pinnick was the focal point, as technical difficulties with his monitors distracted and you could say enraged him. Giving a bit of a tongue lashing to the “sound guys” the show moved forward but throughout the set Pinnick remained disgruntled.

Can’t say what Pinnick was hearing but the soulfulness and bluesy grit of his voice was dynamic as ever. The Beatle-esque harmony vocals are the pinnacle of the band’s sound and King’s X more than delivered in the live setting. The trio can be measured against some rock’s better known bands made up of only three members, such as Rush or Triumph, as King’s X delivers a wall of sound that fills up any venue.

It is amazing to see Pinnick play the bass guitar as aggressively as he does and then add in his ability to sing so flawlessly. It’s pure magic. Ty Tabor is no slouch on guitar or vocals either. His unique guitar style joins with Pinnick bass lines and Gaskill’s percussion and builds out the music of the uniquely progressive band.

Touring in support of their recent release XV the band performed their “hits” as well as fan favorites. In all including the encore’s King’s X performed fifteen songs. They certainly extended some songs into longer jams as on the classic “Over My Head.” Or the closer “Born to be Loved” which seemed as if it was always on the verge of stopping but carried on.

King’s X put on a great live show. And after the show the were gracious enough to hang out and meet fans, sign autographs and take photos.

Set List:
What Is This
Black Flag
Go Tell Somebody
Looking For Love

It’s Love
Born To Be Loved

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Pictures courtesy of John Kindred & Gary Dean Ash