Dokken with George Lynch Live!

November 28th, 2009 at 4th and B in San Diego, CA.

by Deb Rao
Staff Writer

The holiday season got off to a rockin’ start Thanksgiving weekend as Dokken/Lynch Mob hit the West Coast for a special performance at the 4th and B in San Diego on Nov. 28. This was my first time in the Bay City and I was excited to check out the city and concert tonight.

047_47Dokken has been touring non-stop this year. The band recently performed in Japan at the Loud Park Festival. Also, on the bill that night at Loud Park was Lynch Mob. At the end of Dokken’s set in Japan, George Lynch joined Dokken onstage for the encore “Tooth And Nail.” So when the West Coast shows were announced with Dokken/Lynch Mob, I knew I had to see history in the making once again when singer Don Dokken told me George may join the band onstage once again at the West Coast shows.

There were two opening bands before Lynch Mob hit the stage at 9:30 P.M. If you ever have been to the 4th and B, if kind of reminds me of the Channel in Boston with seats. The venue had folding chairs in front of the stage and a balcony. The rest of the club was general admission on the side and holds about 900 people. Tonight the show was packed to see Dokken and Lynch Mob.

It has been 12 years since I have seen George Lynch perform. Hitting the stage at 9:30 P.M. Lynch Mob gave a strong bluesy 60 – minute performance. Highlights of the set included “River Of Love” and “Wicked Sensation,” and George’s “Mr. Scary” guitar solo. Lynch Mob also has a new album out called Smoke And Mirrors and performed two songs off of it including “Revolution Hero” and “21ST Century Man.” George seemed kind of quiet sporting his baseball hat at the end of the stage but things warmed up rather quickly as the set rolled on.

062_62Anticipation filled the air, as the Dokken logo was unveiled. Many fans were wondering if George would perform with Dokken tonight and soon the question was about to be answered.. Dokken hit the stage at 10:30 P.M. for a blockbuster 75 – minute set filled with many surprises. Opening with “Just Got Lucky”, Dokken main man Don Dokken dressed in black, sporting a beard and sunglasses took full command of the stage. Dokken performed a vast array of all of their hits including “The Hunter” and “Alone Again.” Don commented, “You shouldn’t be at a Dokken concert if you don’t want to sing.” Don also played guitar on “Into The Fire”, and “Breakin’ The Chains.” Although Don and Mick Brown were suffering from the flu, the band gave 100 percent. In show business, you don’t get a day off and the show must go on and Dokken did not disappoint tonight.

Guitarist Jon Levin was smokin on guitar. He performed with much enthusiasm and precision. It has been amazing how the band has grown so much in twelve years since George Lynch has left Dokken. One of the highlights of the concert was the performance of the new song, “This Fire.” This song is one of the best tunes off of Lightning Strikes Again. One of the other highlights of the set was the jam on “It’s Not Love” as the medley of the song turned into the old Free hit,”Alright Now.”


Dokken performed hard and heavy on the last song of the evening, “Tooth And Nail.” As the band walked off stage the fans were wondering was George Lynch going to perform on the encore? Tonight in San Diego, history was made once again. It has been twelve years, 1997 to be exact since George Lynch performed on the same stage with Dokken. As the band walked onstage sure enough George Lynch walked out too. As Dokken began to crank out “In My Dreams”, it was so great to see Dokken guitarist Jon Levin and George Lynch performing dueling guitar riffs. I hope this double bill is a prelude to a summer concert tour with both bands next year. In this sagging economy, the fans here tonight got more bang for their buck with the double bill. It was inspiring to see two of the ’80s top bands performing together once again.

Set List:
Just Got Lucky
The Hunter
Kiss Of Death
068_68This Fire
Breakin’ The Chains
Into The Fire
Alone Again
Too High Too Fly
Dream Warriors
Tooth And Nail
In My Dreams

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