Steel Panther Feel the Steel

by Deb Rao
Staff Writer

steelSteel Panther are no strangers to the Sunset Strip. The Los Angeles rock band has gone through many name changes including Danger Kitty, Metal Shop, and the infamous Metal Skool. Steel Panther is keeping the ’80s alive and well with their debut album, Feel The Steel on Universal Republic Records. Feel The Steel pummels with ’80’s Van Halen and Bon Jovi guitar riffs and vocals reminicent of Diamond David Lee Roth.

Steel Panther features Michael Starr AKA (Ralph Saenz)of LA Guns on vocals, Satchel on guitar, Lexxxi Foxxx on bass, and Stix Zadinia on drums. Opening track “Death To All But Metal” is a parody of how the music industry and MTV control what is played on television and radio today. In retrospect, maybe that is why so many young people today are turning to ’80s bands for sheer musical entertainment. The ’80s were a time where music knew no boundaries. Well, Steel Panther are breaking all the rules with their X-rated version of songs that are laden with sex, drugs, and pure rock – n – debauchery.

Standout track on Feel The Steel is the hit, “Community Property.” A tribute to touring musicians and their girlfriends and wives who are left at home wondering what really happens on tour? Steel Panther give a graphic account of what it is like to be an ’80’s musician on tour. It is kind of like the old cliche’, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” “Party All Day” has a Bon Jovi vibe, as “Eatin Ain’t Cheatin” has a Van Halen groove. Throughout the entire album, Satchel enthuses his love of ’80s riffs with precise execution. In a recent In-store in Norwood, Mass. Satchel commented, “Van Halen played a mjaor role in the influence on the band.”

What would Rock – N – Roll be without women? Steel Panther pay tribute to strippers and slow things down for just a moment on “Stripper Girl.”  “Girl From Oklahoma” salutes the groupies in pure parody. Steel Panther has paid their dues on Sunset Strip. Michael Starr A.K.A. (Ralph Saenz{ sings his heart out with his Diamond Dave vocal style. As guitarist Satchel unleashes the Spartan ’80s guitar riffs. Steel Panther are so much more than a modern day Spinal Tap. They entertain you with their comical satire but behind the parody are four talented musicians who have paid their dues on Sunset Strip.It would be interesting to see on their next album if they can shed the comedy skit and rely on the strength of their serious song-writing instead.  

Label: Universal

l. Death to All But Metal
2. Asian Hooker
3. Community Property
4. Eyes of a Panther
5. Fat Girl (Thar She Blows)
6. Eatin’ Ain’t Cheatin’
7. Party All Day (**** All Night)
8. Turn Out the Lights
9. Stripper Girl
10. Shocker, The
11. Girl from Oklahoma

HRH Rating: 8/10

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