Dave Henzerling of Tunnel

by Derric Miller
Staff Writer

Scott Hammons and Dave Henzerling of Tunnel.

Tunnel guitarist/songwriter Dave Henzerling (Big Cock, King Kobra, Icon, Keel) checked in with Hardrock Haven to talk about his brand new band; the status of Big Cock now that singer Robert Mason is touring with Warrant; what new songs like “Into the Sun” and “The Balcony” mean to him; what new singer Scott Hammons brings to the band; the King Kobra reunion rumors; and a whole lot more.

Tunnel isn’t as ’80s Arena Rock focused as Henzerling’s previous band; you’ll even hear a little Led Zeppelin in tracks like “The Balcony.” Tune in now to hear all about Tunnel, and head to Tunnel on MySpace to hear some songs and pick up the new CD.

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