The Murder of My Sweet

by Derric Miller
Staff Writer

Angelica Rylin and Daniel Flores of The Murder of My Sweet checked in with Hardrock Haven to talk about their epic new release Divanity; how the band was formed; specific tracks like “Valerie” and “Death of a Movie Star;” upcoming tour plans; the debut single/video “Bleed Me Dry;” and a whole lot more. Angelica also freestyles some Depeche Mode at the end of the interview, something you have to hear …

The Murder of My Sweet is part symphonic, part gothic, but they don’t sound like any of the bands in those genres that you’ve heard before.  Basically, you have to hear them to truly understand what they are all about. Tune in now to get to know the singer (Angelica) and drummer (Daniel) and if you haven’t already picked up Divanity, what are you waiting for?

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