Erik Kluiber of White Wizzard

by Derric Miller
Staff Writer

White Wizzard guitarist Erik Kluiber checked in with Hardrock Haven to talk about their brand new studio release Over the Top; how he’s transitioned from a Hard Rock guitarist in Overloaded to a Traditional Heavy Metal guitarist in White Wizzard; the pissing contest between ex and current White Wizzard band mates; touring with Edguy in Europe; the video for the first single “Over the Top;” and a whole lot more.

White Wizzard is one of the best new bands in Heavy Metal today, period. Tune in now to get to know their seriously talented guitarist, and pick up Over the Top immediately thereafter.

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3 Comments on Erik Kluiber of White Wizzard

  1. Its too bad the lead singer isnt in the band anymore.

  2. Yo Beavis, Wyatt Anderson is still the lead singer of White Wizzard; he hasn’t left the band. And he’s got an incredible set of pipes on him to boot …

  3. Maybe he’s thinking of the vocalist from the High Speed GTO EP. Hell, I can barely tell the two apart.

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