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by Deb Rao
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There is a fine line between sports and music. Both forms of art run high on adrenaline. There is a new band in California called Brute Forcz that that proves wrestling and music go hand in hand. Founded by two brothers that are ex-pro wrestlers that go by the name of Jammer and Slammer, Brute Forcz is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Jammer describes the bands music as fast and hard. Inspired by Motorhead, heavy metal fans will enjoy the thunderous riffs. Brute Forcz has just released a 4 song EP entitled Kick Ass Heavy Metal. Lead singer Jammer was kind enough to give Hardrock Haven readers an exclusive track by track plus introduce you to the making of Brute Forcz.

HRH: Jammer, thank you for checking in with Hardrock Haven. Tell us how Brute Forcz came into fruition. Tell us about Kick Ass Heavy Metal.

Jammer: Thanks for having us. People like yourself and magazines that help us out, we really appreciate it. Our CD is an EP, it is four songs that were produced by Bob Kulick. It is four-kick ass heavy metal ’80’s style type of music. A lot of people have been comparing us to a Motorhead, Accept or Venom. We take that as a compliment. We’re more old school. That is the style we grew up with. We took everything to Bob Kulick. He is a Grammy Award winner and guitar legend. We put it out there on the market to see what it would look like.

HRH: What was it like working with Bob Kulick? How did he guide you in the studio?

Jammer: He was great to work with. Very straightforward and that is how we are. When he tells us something, you can’t take it personally. But I’ll speak for myself and for my brother. He has really helped our musicianship a lot. He helped me develop the vocals that I needed. He made us better musicians. He made our guitar player extend himself a little more. We were just really honored to work with him.

HRH: The first single is “Live For Speed.”

Jammer: We actually have taken that song to Nascar. That description for that song is basically, it is the way that heavy metal fans like it fast and hard. We have “Leather N Chains” that song describes the heavy metal lifestyle. We live that life style leather and chains. The bike you ride and the women you go out with. We have another song “Sex Machine.” That song is pretty much self-explanatory. We have a song “Thrill Queen”. That song is our tribute to the women in the adult industry. We have 13 or 14 songs but we put those songs out front.

HRH: What was it like working with your brother Jammer in the studio?

Jammer: We have wrestled together. It is great being with your brother first of all because you can trust him. You have the same kind of ideas. Sometimes you want to have the power to make decisions that you want to make. He is a really good drummer.

HRH: How long have you been playing music together?

Jammer: We actually, started a band after we left high school. It was a cover and band it didn’t work out so it ended up being an original band. We played for about a year. Then we split from Atlanta, Georgia right when we started to get a lot of gigs. We had an opportunity to become professional wrestlers. Then after wrestling, we moved out here to get into acting a bit. We always wanted to pick the band up again because we always missed it. Brute Forcz has been playing since 2010. We actually played 45 shows last year.

HRH: Yes, you opened up for LA Guns and Wasp. What was it like playing for some of the ’80s band?

Jammer: I like that style of guitar. I like that chainsaw whipping guitar style. You would know from Dokken and George Lynch, “Into The Fire” and stuff like that. Joey Belladonna saw us play and told us he liked our show backstage.

HRH: I definitely can hear your Motorhead influences.

Jammer: We are huge Motorhead fans.

HRH: Do you have any shows lined up?

Jammer: We’re trying to get on a tour. We’re trying to go over to Europe. We’re also trying to get set-up to play some Monster Jams to play in front of huge crowds.

HRH: That will be great if you play Vegas. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Jammer: We’re getting ready to launch a big Web site in a couple of weeks. It’s called www.bruteforcz.com We would like to thank family and friends and Bob Kulick. We are looking forward to being able to tour. And Hardrock Haven for helping these kind of bands out.

Find Brute Forcz on the web: www.myspace.com/bruteforcz

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