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Razor of Occam Homage to Martyrs

by Matthew Hoffman Staff Writer Razor of Occam are a metal band based in London, England who bring much of the spirit of their native Southern Australia within their kick ass mix. Their third full-length offering is entitled Homage to Martyrs and has 8 cuts lasting a monstrous 33 minutes. The music [...]

Free Spirit Pale Sister of Light

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer Pale Sister of Light is the debut album from Finnish melodic hard rockers Free Spirit, and is already one of the strongest melodic rock offerings of 2009. The band has a unique sound that combines traditional melodic rock with harder, more metallic elements and a [...]

Cornerstone Head Over Heels

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer First thing’s first – this is not the Cornerstone featuring Doogie White and Steen Mogensen. You probably guessed as much from the cover artwork. This Cornerstone is an Austrian four-piece that plays a catchy, somewhat alternative kind of indie rock that owes a lot [...]

Lion’s Share’s Lars Criss

by Derric Miller Staff Writer Lions’ Share guitarist Lars Criss checked in with Hardrock Haven to talk about their brand new release Dark Hours; why they decided to write about the ’60s, but not from a “flower power” perspective, but from a “Charlie Manson” [...]

Napalm Death Time Waits for No Slave

by Matthew Hoffman Staff Writer How refreshing it is to not have to analyze and critique every little facet of an album. In the case of Napalm Death, the Birmingham, England extreme metal pioneers, their techniques are so tight and polished that you can rise above that fray listen to the music and [...]

Lamb of God Wrath

by Matthew Hoffman Staff Writer Lamb of God is back with Wrath, a tremendously heavy effort that sees 11 songs lasting 44 up and down moments. The vocals are a bit smoother than Sacrament as well as a higher slant towards rock than metal with the guitar leads and solos. It is already a tremendous [...]

Lanfear’s Markus Ullrich

by Derric Miller Staff Writer HRH: Lanfear has recently released a new studio studio album called X to the Power of Ten. This is your sixth studio album but your first with new singer Nuno Fernandes. So, why did the band decide to part ways with former singer Tobias Althammer, and what was the [...]

The Agonist Lullabies for the Dormant Mind

by Matt Hoffman Staff Writer Formed in 2004 in Quebec metal-core band The Agonist has returned with a new full length CD out now on Century Media. It is entitled Lullabies for the Dormant Mind and has 11 cuts lasting an entertaining 43 minutes. The petite extremely sexy lead singer Alissa [...]

The Reticent Amor Mortem Mei Erit

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer Amor Mortem Mei Erit is the latest release from the Reticent, the one-man side project of Wehrwolfe drummer Chris “Mordrid” Hathcock. Far from Wehrwolfe’s fierce death metal assault, The Reticent offers a tranquil, melancholy sound with gorgeous [...]

Buckcherry Guitarist Keith Nelson

by Deb Rao Staff Writer Hot off the heels of a very successful trek at Crue Fest One, Buckcherry and Papa Roach are currently on the road in support of their latest releases. Buckcherry has unleased Black Butterfly on Eleven Seven Music and Papa Roach’s latest release is entitled [...]
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