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Derek Sherinian

by Matthew Hoffman Staff Writer Keyboardist Derek Sherinian (Kiss, Alice Cooper, Planet X, Yngwie Malmsteen, Billy Idol, Solo) HRH: As you read in my CD review, I really like the heavy aggressive slant your solo albums take vs. some of the top keyboardists out there like Vitaly Kuprij or Jordan [...]

Drowning Pool Loudest Common Denominator

by Deb Rao Staff Writer One of the hardest working bands in music today, Drowning Pool has unleashed their first ever live album with singer Ryan McCombs entitled Loudest Common Denominator. This album features Drowning Pool at their best live, ferocious and raw recorded in San Diego. By the huge [...]

Suidakra Crogacht

by Matthew Hoffman Staff Writer Formed in Dusseldorf, Germany fifteen years ago, Suidakra (Arkadius spelled backwards) has released its ninth full length album on SPV Records. It is entitled Crógacht which is the Gaelic word for bravery. It is an interpretation of the traditional Irish story [...]

Thin Lizzy Still Dangerous Live …

by John Kindred Staff Writer Straight from the Thin Lizzy vaults comes the lost and newly discovered live concert performance of the band circa ’77. Still Dangerous Live At The Tower Theatre Philadelphia 1977 features the lineup of Phil Lynott (v)(b), Scott Gorham (g), Brian Robertson (g) and [...]

Innocent Rosie Bad Habit Romance

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer It’s almost cliche at this point, but you have to wonder if there’s any style of rock music the Swedish haven’t perfected. They mastered melodic rock in the ’80s, redefined death metal in the ’90s, and in recent years have been the frontrunners of the [...]

Twisted Sister Live at the Astoria

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer Twisted Sister has been quite active of late, with Christmas albums, rerecorded albums, festival appearances, and now a live CD/DVD set filmed at the famed Astoria Theater in London. Anyone who has seen Twisted Sister (or their non-costumed alter-egos Bent Brother) [...]

Ulysses The Gift of Tears

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer The Gift of Tears is the second full-length album from Dutch progressive metal act Ulysses, and the first from the band since bringing on new vocalist Michael Hos and bassist Casper Kroon. Ulysses has a sound reminiscent of Pain of Salvation (the old, good Pain of [...]

Rose Tattoo Blood Brothers (Tour Edition)

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer Australia’s other beloved long-running, hard-rocking band Rose Tattoo came brawling back in 2007 with Blood Brothers, their eleventh studio album overall and first since the death of founding bassist Pete Wells. Blood Brothers doesn’t really offer any surprises, [...]

The Godz Live!

February 20, 2009 at Screaming Willies in Columbus, Ohio by Chris A. Staff Writer Powerhouse drummer Frankie Garisto In 1977, The Godz toured the country with fellow Casablanca recording artist Kiss, on the “Love Gun” tour. Thirty-plus years later both bands still perform, both have had [...]

China Blue Twilight of Destiny

by Derric Miller Staff Writer “Projects” can oftentimes be a curse word in the music industry today. For some projects, a singer will lend his voice or a guitarist will lay down a few solos on a few tracks merely so the project manager can hype the release as some sort of supergroup. [...]
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