2009 Music Reviews

Asphalt Valentine Strip Rock Roll

by Trevor Portz Staff Writer Being straightforward and simple in rock music often can be considered a shortcoming, especially to those critics who tend to think of rockers as the Neanderthals of music. And though this description probably does fit a number of bands both past and present, true rock [...]

Prozac Daisies Krazzy

by Joe Mis Staff Writer Despite a cheesy looking cover, and odd name and a penchant for strange spelling, Krazzy – the five track debut EP from the Prozac Daisies – is an exceptionally good effort. The music of the Prozac Daisies is difficult to classify since the band had done what [...]

Cowboy Prostitutes Let Me Have Your Heart

by Derric Miller Staff Writer When Cowboy Prostitutes released Swingin’ At the Fences in 2008, they immediately became one of the hardest to pigeonhole bands out there. Yeah, it was “Hard Rock,” but it was also Metal, Punk, Blues, and probably a few other monikers tossed in for good measure. [...]

Steel Panther Feel the Steel

by Deb Rao Staff Writer Steel Panther are no strangers to the Sunset Strip. The Los Angeles rock band has gone through many name changes including Danger Kitty, Metal Shop, and the infamous Metal Skool. Steel Panther is keeping the ’80s alive and well with their debut album, Feel The Steel on [...]

Arbogast Certainties and Doubts

by Trevor Portz Staff Writer Sweden has produced a wide variety of quality musical acts that span decades and genres. From the Hall-of-Fame-worthy pop of Abba, to the American-inspired garage rock of the Hellacopters, and even the prog-infused black metal of Vintersorg, Sweden seems to have no [...]

Witches Mark A Grim Apparition

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer A Grim Apparition is the debut EP from Texas metallers Witches Mark, one of the more promising new bands of the traditional metal revival that’s been emerging in recent years. The band, which features members of Of the Fallen, Panzergod, Hammerwhore and Reverend, is [...]

Sigh Scenes From Hell

by Trevor Portz Staff Writer For those uninitiated, the Sigh story goes all the way back to early ‘90s Tokyo, where band leader Mirai Kawashima put together the initial lineup of what would become one of black metal’s most unique and long-lasting acts. An early milestone came in 1993 in the [...]

Genitorturers Blackheart Revolution

by Joe Mis Staff Writer If you like your metal dark, twisted and just a little bit sick, you’ll enjoy Blackheart Revolution, the latest from the Genitorturers. These veteran rockers have built up a small but loyal cult following over the past 10 years, and if you have any interest at all in [...]

Slayer World Painted Blood

by Derric Miller Staff Writer World Painted Blood. Why not? Slayer has always used hyperbole to the Nth degree in album and song titles, and the new Slayer album aptly titled World Painted Blood continues that psychotic legacy. Less Satanic than God Hates Us All and Christ Illusion, Slayer seems to [...]

Eldorado Golden

by Joe Mis Staff Writer It seems that a lot of very good classic-style rock had been coming out of Europe lately, and Golden from Spain’s Eldorado is no exception. The Spanish quartet has done a great job and put out a fine blues-based rock CD that will bring a smile to the face of any fan of the [...]
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