2009 Music Reviews

Liberty N’ Justice Light It Up

by Derric Miller Staff Writer As the Christians’ favorite holiday closes in on the world again, Justin Murr’s Liberty N’ Justice project has released its brand new studio effort, Light It Up. As far as Christian music goes, Murr certainly has an ear for talent. Most of the musicians on the [...]

Natu Sabverata Existing To Ensure Your Destruction

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer Existing to Ensure Your Destruction is the debut release from North Carolina-based death metal band Natu Sabverata, and is the first extreme metal album released on the Heaven and Hell label. Natu Sabverata has been active in the North Carolina metal scene for the [...]

Angst The Liner

by Trevor Portz Staff Writer Hailing from Crawley, UK, best known for birthing Goth icons The Cure, comes 4-piece metal/rock band Angst. Though their name may bear some resemblance to the aforementioned group’s lyrical content, luckily the similarities end there. Angst instead play a blend of [...]

Covered Call Money Never Sleeps

by Franco Wissa Staff Writer As luck would have it, it seems, as of late, that there has been a flux of melodic hard rock to once again fill a huge musical void. With the nonsense that seems to be infiltrating our airways, thank God for this, Covered Call’s Money Never Sleeps. Filled with superb [...]

MSG Live & Loud

by John Kindred Staff Writer Live & Loud offers digitally re-mastered songs recorded by the legendary guitarist Michael Schenker with his band MSG. The breakdown of the nine-track release includes six live tracks taken from previous live performances, the studio track “Written in the Sand” [...]

The Fall of Troy In the Unlikely Event

by Joe Mis Staff Writer In The Unlikely Event is the latest release from the Washington state based trio called The Fall Of Troy. These guys seem to be a band in search of a genre – their music is mostly progressive rock, but contains elements of blues rock, thrash, some screamo, a bit of punk [...]

Raise the Red Lantern Raise the Red Lantern

by Trevor Portz Staff Writer There’s nothing wrong with stoner-style, extended jamming. Hordes of ‘70s bands did it, Phish fans can’t get enough of it, and every new band probably tries their hand at a little freestyling, even if just for fun. The one major problem facing would-be jammers, [...]

Killing Mood Just Another Love Song

by Alissa Ordabai Staff Writer Killing Mood is a project by Swedish – Australian singer / songwriter Belinda Kordic and her band who modestly describe their style as pop and country on their MySpace page, but in fact present a finely wrought, singular mixture of retro 1920s pop, 1970s disco, [...]

Bones of Freedom World Domination I

by Joe Mis Staff Writer World Domination I is the full-length debut of a very good American-style classic-blues-psychedelic-rock band. Surprisingly, they are based in Gothenburg, Sweden – yes, the birthplace of melodic death metal. Bones Of Freedom blasts out music that would be right at home in [...]

Ideamen May You Live in Interesting Times

by Derric Miller Staff Writer The semi-heralded and underground Ideamen has released the follow up to their 2007 EP and first full-length album, the appropriately titled May You Live in Interesting Times. It’s sort of a double-whammy here, because 2009 certainly counts as “interesting times,” [...]
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