2009 Music Reviews

Gaza He Is Never Coming Back

by Alissa Ordabai Staff Writer Minimalist industrial clang, spare booming chords, frantic percussion and growling that sounds like the last dying cries of a fallen warrior, all join in from the word go to create an air-tight atmosphere which the band will grapple with throughout the album – [...]

Warfect Depicting the Macabre

by Trevor Portz Staff Writer With what seems like millions of new bands trying to make their mark in the rapidly changing (though some would say dying) music industry, it’s getting harder and harder for bands to stand out and make themselves known. Of course, as it’s been said many [...]

Immortal All Shall Fall

by Trevor Portz Staff Writer Acting as harbingers of the forthcoming winter season, Norway’s Blashyrkh masters have finally returned with yet another work of frostbitten genius, All Shall Fall. Having been in hibernation for the last few years, Immortal’s follow-up to 2002’s [...]

Kelsey and the Chaos Shut Up and Deal

by Curt Hauff Staff Writer Kelsey and the Chaos may well be the next hot rising band. With Shut Up and Deal, the band goes all in with two aces in the hole, delivering a kick ass rock album. Stylistically, the songs are decidedly jaded, dark love songs filled with passion and angst. From the [...]

Weezer Raditude

by Derric Miller Staff Writer So, is it a badge of honor or a slap to the chops to be ridiculed by Daniel Tosh of Tosh.0 fame? Weezer probably doesn’t care either way, but Tosh did pee in Weezer’s punch when he quickly yet bluntly denounced their new album Raditude on his Comedy Central show. [...]

Cauldron Chained to the Nite

by Derric Miller Staff Writer Any time a band devotes a song to the creation and imbibing of alcohol, you know they are on the right path. Cauldron did exactly that on their first full-length album, Chained to the Nite. Once you get beyond the fact they used the non-word “nite” instead of [...]

In Tormentata Quiete Teatroelementale

by Trevor Portz Staff Writer With so much of the new music coming out sounding like a blatant rip off of an already established band, generally performed with not only less honesty and integrity, but subpar musicianship as well, it’s nice to see that creativity is not a thing of the past. [...]

Arcanum Control of Insanity

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer Control of Insanity is the latest release from Swiss hard rock/heavy metal band Arcanum. The band plays a fairly straightforward mix of hard rock and heavy metal that emphasizes the vocal talents of frontwoman Gabi. Her voice is husky, sultry and almost theatrical at [...]

Special Ops Through the Heart of the Infidel

by Derric Miller Staff Writer When you think of the most influential bands of all time in Hard Rock/Metal, you probably think Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, maybe even KISS. What you absolutely never, ever think is Limp Bizkit. In that same vein of thought, singers like Ozzy Osbourne, Ronnie James [...]

The Company Band The Company Band

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer The Company Band is another side project of Clutch vocalist Neil Fallon, though it’s a lot closer to the Clutch sound than the jazz/rock The Bakerton Group was. Fallon is joined by drummer Jess Margera (CKY), singer/guitarist Jim Rota (Fireball Ministry), and bassist [...]
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