2010 Music Reviews

Unsun Clinic for Dolls

by Mark Allen Staff Writer Note to all the metal guitarists of the world: just because your wife is pretty as an angel does not mean she can actually sing like one. It’s a note that Polish axe-slinger Maurycy “Mauser” Stefanowicz needs to be sent ASAP, before his wife Aya’s banal [...]

Golden Resurrection Glory to My King

by Franco Cerchiari Staff Writer If you have heard the magnificent ReinXeed release, Majestic, then you should have great anticipation to take hold of ReinXeed guitarist/vocalist Tommy Johansson’s side project Golden Resurrection also featuring vocalist Christian Lijigren (Narnia, DivineFire.) [...]

Seven Thorns Return To The Past

by Joe Mis Staff Writer Denmark’s Seven Thorns is ready to unleash a new assault on the power metal world with their upcoming album Return To The Past. The band has taken great pains to purify their music and make it the epitome of the genre, and have succeeded remarkably well. Filled with [...]

Femme Metal Presents Beauty and Brutality

by Alissa Ordabai Staff Writer A two-disk compilation of female-fronted metal and rock released to support Cancer Research UK features 31 tracks of material ranging from operatic pomp-metal to punky pop-rock. It is, however, the former style which dominates this release, as if to convince that a [...]

Affiance No Secret Revealed

by Trevor Portz Staff Writer For those unfortunate enough to see the film Multiplicity, you may recall that when Michael Keaton cloned himself, each successive clone turned out more and more…well…stupid. As with any metal subgenre that emerges and catches on, it becomes inevitable that millions [...]

Low Profile Afraid Of The Dark

by Joe Mis Staff Writer Hailing from Florida’s sunny Palm Coast area, Low Profile is trying to prove themselves to be more than a cover band by releasing a CD of all original music entitled Afraid Of The Dark. Despite the entire lineup being Florida transplants from the northeast or mid-Atlantic [...]

All That Remains For We Are Many

by Mark Allen Staff Writer Following the ultra-melodic sensibilities of this group’s previous release (2008’s Overcome), many fans wondered if all that remained of All That Remains was a has-been band more interested in pleasing the modern hard rock crowd than continuing to lead the New Wave of [...]

John Waite Rough & Tumble

by Alex Barbieri Staff Writer Ask any rock fan who grew up in the ‘80s about John Waite, and they’ll probably smile and agree that he has one of the most signature voices of the era. Well, Waite is back to rough of us a bit with a delightfully inspired album of Nashville-tinged rock ‘n roll. [...]

Falkenbach Tiurida

by Trevor Portz Staff Writer It seems that in the nearly 20 years(!) that Viking metal has been a recognized metal subgenre, essentially two Viking “tribes” have emerged. On one side, we have the more extreme-metal influenced groups that like to lace in folk melodies and what not, but are still [...]
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