2010 Music Reviews

Hinder All American Nightmare

by Derric Miller Staff Writer Besides the fact that “hinder” may be one of the most passive verbs ever to be chosen as a band’s collective moniker — well, there’s KISS too — the band from Oklahoma, Hinder, has released one of the few Modern Rock albums this year [...]

ReinXeed Majestic

by Franco Cerchiari Staff Writer It is rare thing when after hearing a CD in it’s entirety and the final bars of the last track fade into black, the listener takes off the headphones, sets them down and thinks, “holy hell, what did I just hear?” But the word “hear” shouldn’t be used [...]

Casanova One Night Stand

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer 2010 ended up being a banner year for rediscovering lost classic German hard rock and metal albums. SPV reissued the early Mass catalog, Metal Mind put the Mad Max discography back in print, and Divebomb reintroduced a pair of melodic rock classics from Casanova, [...]

Elysium Inspired Hatred

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer The metal scene in Florida in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s was all about the emerging death metal sound. While bands like Death and Morbid Angel were getting – deservedly – all the attention, some very worthy bands ended up being overlooked. Case in point: [...]

Leather Shock Waves

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer Leather Leone. Hers is not a name you hear very often, but for those who recall her time at the microphone for Chastain, that name immediately brings to mind one of metal’s most distinctive voices. It took a lot to make a lasting impression in a band where the focus [...]

Appearance of Nothing All Gods are Gone

by Joe Mis Staff Writer Appearance Of Nothing, and elements of everything … All Gods Are Gone is the title of the upcoming release by Swiss progressive metallers Appearance Of Nothing. Although AoN bills themselves as progressive metal, they throw everything but the kitchen sink into this [...]

Halford IV Made of Metal

by Alex Barbieri Staff Writer If you’ve ever wondered what Rob Halford would sound like singing different types of music in other bands, this album is a pretty good indication. Halford IV Made of Metal is a diverse collection of songs, and the album title is a bit misleading because of that. From [...]

Chained Chained

by Mark Allen Staff Writer Chained’s sound can be directly linked to the old-school Christian heavy metal bands of the mid- to late ’80s, when groups like Sacred Warrior, Deliverance, Saint, etc. bulldozed down social and religious barriers to prove that rock ‘n’ roll wasn’t just the [...]

Paul D’Adamo Tell Me Something

by Joe Mis Staff Writer Texas based singer/songwriter/music teacher Paul D’Adamo has taken something old and made it new again. He has recruited a very experienced lineup of musicians to perform on his debut release Tell Me Something, and has put a jazz/fusion spin on a number of old Phil [...]

Ion Immaculada

by Franco Cerchiari Staff Writer Since the 1990s, the visionary behind Ion, Duncan Patterson, with his band Anathema has released an incredible collection of CDs rightfully taking their place as some of the best doom/gloom metal heard as of late. Taking a (massive) step away from those sounds which [...]
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