2011 Interviews


by Alex Barbieri Staff Writer On a very cold late January evening not far outside of New York City, I sat down in an industrial rehearsal studio with melodic power metal band, Livesay. In this casual and frank interview, the core of the group—guitarist Gregg Livesay, bassist Alan D’Angelo [...]

Kristofer Dommin of Dommin

by Cameron Edney Guest Staff Writer In a little over one weeks time Los Angeles based gothic rockers Dommin will touch down in Australia for the very first time, much to the delight of their ever growing fan base. In Australia to take part in the Soundwave Festivals alongside metal greats Slayer, [...]

Eric Martin of Mr. Big

by Alissa Ordabai Staff Writer Fluid yet tight, sleek but full of roiling rock intensity – Mr. Big’s new record “What If” released earlier this month is perhaps the band’s most self-assured album to date. Proving that the supergroup’s 2009 reunion after 7 years apart is more about [...]

Richard Marx

by Deb Rao Staff Writer During the heyday of the ’80s, Richard Marx captivated audiences worldwide with his first hit single,”Don’t Mean Nothing.” His stellar song-writing skills earned the performer a string of hits including, ”Hold On To The Nights”, “Endless [...]

Kerry King of Slayer

by Cameron Edney Guest Staff Writer For thirty years one band has reigned supreme in the Thrash Metal genre, and that band is SLAYER! When other Thrash bands trekked into unknown waters musically Slayer stayed true to the musical genre they helped create! Few bands in the history of Metal have made [...]

Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge / Slash

by Cameron Edney Guest Staff Writer Last year rock vocalist and Alter Bridge front man Myles Kennedy teamed up with legendary guitarist Slash for one hell of a kick ass Sold-Out Australian tour that had to be seen to be believed. Not only did SLASH find himself with the perfect front man to perform [...]

Chris Troy of Praying Mantis

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer UK-based melodic rockers and NWOBHM veterans Praying Mantis celebrate the 30th anniversary of their 1981 debut Time Tells No Lies this year. Bassist and co-founder Chris Troy checked in with Hardrock Haven to talk about the anniversary, the band’s new EP [...]

DJ Will of KNAC.com

by Alex Barbieri Staff Writer A “scene” is only as good as the people who make it. When it comes to the worldwide hard rock and metal scene, William Howell—a.k.a. DJ Will—is one of the key figures keeping it real and relevant. For almost 30 years, DJ Will—with his dreadlocks and metal [...]

John Sheldon of EKoTren

by Deb Rao Staff Writer EkoTren are currently on the road with Ill Nino bringing their unique hard rock sound to the masses. The tour is slated to hit the East Coast next week with special stops at The Palladium in Worcester on Feburary 15th, The Chance in Poughkeepsie, NY on February 16th, and [...]

John Waite

by Derric Miller Staff Writer Legendary rock singer John Waite checked in with Hardrock Haven to discuss his brand new solo release Rough & Tumble; writing and recording with Matchbox 20’s Kyle Cook; specific tracks like “If You Ever Get Lonely” and “Mr. [...]
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