2011 Music Reviews

Skull Fist | Head of the Pack

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer One of the more exciting and energetic bands in the so-called New Wave of Traditional Metal movement, Canada’s Skull Fist, is back with a new album. Head of the Pack is the band’s first full-length album after winning a lot of fans over with their electrifying [...]

Cornerstone | Somewhere in America

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer — Just to clarify, this is not the now-dormant Danish band Cornerstone that featured Doogie White and Steen Mogensen. This Cornerstone is an Austrian band that plays a brand of melodic rock that’s somewhere between AOR and alternative rock. The band impressed a [...]

Frequency Drift | Ghosts

by Joe Mis Staff Writer — Ghosts is the third studio release from German progressive rockers Frequency Drift. The band’s evolving sound now crosses a number of genre lines, blending elements of progressive rock, atmospheric music, jazz, classical and folk to create a diverse and unique [...]

Beggars & Thieves | We Are the Brokenhearted

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer — After more than a decade-long absence, Las Vegas-based melodic rockers Beggars & Thieves – whose 1990 debut remains one of that era’s most overlooked gems – are back with a new album. The band’s fourth studio album is titled We Are the [...]

Pathology | Awaken to the Suffering

by Trevor Portz Staff Writer — One would think that San Diego, with its low crime rate and mild climate, would be more likely to create mellow stoner rock than violent death metal. While that may be the case, it still managed to spout Pathology, a band carrying the torch of old-school death [...]

Thunderstick | Echoes From the Analogue Asylum

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer — The fifth entry in Heaven & Hell’s Lost Relics reissue series, Echoes From the Analogue Asylum is a loaded anthology of solo recordings by Thunderstick. Best known as the enigmatic masked drummer of New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) pioneers [...]

Dream Theater | Live At Budokan

by John Kindred Staff Writer — Dream Theater Live at Budokan was originally released on DVD. Eagle Rock Entertainment has repackaged and re-released Live at Budokan now on Blu-ray, again taking advantage of the superior audio and video presentation of the format. The Blu-ray delivers an audio [...]

Queensryche | Mindcrime at the Moore

by John Kindred Staff Writer — Queensryche’s Mindcrime at the Moore was originally released in 2007 on CD and DVD. Eagle Rock Entertainment has just re-released the live concert on Blu-ray, tapping into the mediums lavish sound and video capabilities. Mindcrime at the Moore was [...]

Michael Monroe | Sensory Overdrive

by Alissa Ordabai Staff Writer — A joyous throwback to the time of Michael Monroe’s teenage years, the latest solo album, Sensory Overdrive, by the Hanoi Rocks front man and hard rock veteran is a deliberately retro trip into the era of ’70s glam and punk. It’s all about jangling [...]

Jonas Tamas | Timeless Hour

by Alissa Ordabai Staff Writer — It’s a precarious business releasing instrumental guitar records, no matter if the year is 1989 or 2011. To appeal to an audience other than your fellow guitar players, you have to be a top-notch composer with banging tunes and things to say that would [...]
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