2011 Music Reviews

Exciter Death Machine

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer 2010’s Death Machine is album number ten from long-running Canadian speed metal pioneers Exciter. It’s the second album from the current Exciter lineup, which features relative newcomers Kenny “Metal Mouth” Winter on vocals and bassist Rob Cohen alongside [...]

Clandestine The Invalid

by Joe Mis Staff Writer If you are looking for something just a little bit different, check out the LA-based underground prog metal quartet called Clandestine. Slated to release their first full length CD in mid-February, Clandestine seems poised to make the leap from local to national prominence. [...]

Dåkryå Crime Scene

by Alissa Ordabai Staff Writer Conceptual artists more than musicians at heart, this Greek outfit chooses shock value over musical content on their second full-length release. Despite the limited concept and wacky off-the-wall delivery, their bizarre juxtapositions of styles and musical forms [...]

Motorhead The World is Yours

by Alex Barbieri Staff Writer Motörhead haters argue that Kilmister and company have been making the same album for 35 years. That may be true to an extent, but would you want to hear them play anything but kick ass rock ‘n roll? Like a reliable old truck, Motörhead is loud, heavy and delivers [...]

Mean Streak Declaration of War

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer Declaration of War is the second album from Swedish metal warriors Mean Streak. Inspired by classic bands like Iron Maiden, Saxon and the rest of the NWOBHM scene (and, most likely, fellow Swedes Wolf and Enforcer), Mean Streak plays old school traditional heavy metal, [...]

Nox Aurea Ascending in Triumph

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer Ascending in Triumph is the second album from Swedish gothic/doom/death metal band Nox Aurea. The Gothenburg-based band takes a fairly melodic, yet still completely heavy, approach to the doom/death genre and adds gothic elements like symphonic keyboards and clean [...]

Titan’s Eve The Divine Equal

by Joe Mis Staff Writer More than Arctic blasts are blowing out of Canada lately – in fact there is a major storm coming and the winds are hot as hell. The Vancouver based genre-bending quartet of Titan’s Eve will be releasing their debut CD The Divine Equal on 1 February 2011. Defining the [...]

Jag Panzer The Scourge of the Light

by John Kindred Staff Writer After a long absence, Jag Panzer are ready to return to the Metal world with the 2011 release of Scourge of the Light. Moving from Century Media to SPV/Steamhammer Records, Jag Panzer alumni Harry Conklin (vocals), Mark Briody (guitar), John Tetley (bass) and Rikard [...]

Bullet Highway Pirates

by Mark Allen Staff Writer If this Swedish band was aiming for an AC/DC meets Accept kind of vibe, then they have hit the bulls-eye with sniper-like precision. This is the band’s third album and they exhibit zero signs of wanting to evolve, apparently happy with the niche they have carved out for [...]

Tetrafusion Altered State

by Marc C. Staff Writer Any time an instrumental act adds vocals the outcome is usually like a fork in the road, either you make the wrong turn or you head onto a blissful path thankful the right turn was made. Unfortunately and in most cases a band will fall on its face as they’ve ventured [...]
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