2011 Music Reviews

Velvet Revolver Live In Houston, Texas

by John Kindred Staff Writer All has been quiet on the Velvet Revolver homefront since the departure Scott Weiland. So, with the search for a new singer now approaching three years, we have Velvet Revolver: Live in Houston, Texas to tie over diehard fans. Recorded in 2005 in support of their debut [...]

The Hot Rails Single Entendre

by Mark Allen Staff Writer The last time this particular style of rock music was hot, bell bottoms were in style, Nixon was resigning as President of the United States, and The Brady Bunch was one of the most popular shows on television. Yeah, you guessed it, this is ’70s rock through and [...]

Dream Aria Fallen Angel

by Joe Mis Staff Writer More than snow and winter winds are blowing out of the Great White North in early 2011. Toronto’s own rising progressive metal stars Dream Aria will be releasing their third album entitled Fallen Angel in January, and it is a unique experience. Blending elements of [...]

Infinity Overture Infinity Overture Part 1

by Franco Cerchiari Staff Writer In certain circles they say a rose by any other name is still a rose. So is it safe to assume that metal, by any other name is still metal? Well, yes and no. With so many genres and subgenres, to say a CD is metal will revoke images of raised eyebrows and [...]

Destrage The King Is Fat ‘n’ Old

by Trevor Portz Staff Writer It will be surprising if any subsequent album reviewed this year will be as amazing as The King is Fat ‘n’ Old. Sure, this could be a song-by-song breakdown review, but that just seems unnecessary. Instead, here are a few things you’ll find on The King Is [...]

Bodinrocker Mysterious Man

by Joe Mis Staff Writer Gothenburg, Sweden actually produces much more than melodic death metal, and Bodinrocker’s latest release proves it. Mysterious Man is 10 tracks of basically good-natured old-school rock, heavily influenced by the greats of the late 70s and early 80s. Bodinrocker was [...]

Degreed Life Love Loss

by Ron and Don Higgins Staff Writer Life Love Loss is the impressive debut album by the Swedish hard rock band Degreed released on MelodicRockRecords.  If you are a fan of Andrew McNeice’s new record label or web site, then you’ll have a pretty good idea of what to expect from this band.  [...]

Ten Stormwarning

by John Kindred Staff Writer Gary Hughes returns with his band, Ten, after a five-year absence, releasing Stormwarning on Frontiers Records. The band has seen turmoil over the last few years with several lineup changes. Joining Hughes for this leg of the journey are guest drummer Mark Zonder from [...]

Astral Doors Testament of Rock – The Best of Astral Doors

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer It’s perfectly appropriate that the cover art for Testament of Rock, the new “best of” collection from Swedish metal band Astral Doors, features an enormous dragon that would make the late Ronnie James Dio (RIP) proud. Astral Doors nicked pretty much everything [...]

Chastain For Those Who Dare

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer Originally released in 1990, For Those Who Dare was the fifth studio album from Chastain, the band formed by guitar wizard David T. Chastain. For Those Who Dare was also the final Chastain album to feature original vocalist Leather Leone. If you’re familiar with [...]
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