2011 Music Reviews

Crowned By Fire | Prone to Destroy

by Mark Allen Staff Writer — Take the drums-guitar-bass simplicity of traditional American heavy metal and chop out all the fluff. Now inject it with some occasional hints of southern fried flavor and front it with a singer who can growl like a junkyard dog, snarl like a pissed off Pit Bull, [...]

Royal Hunt | Show Me How To Live

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer — While certainly not on par with the recently-announced Black Sabbath reunion, the news that vocalist DC Cooper had rejoined Royal Hunt definitely made waves in the melodic metal community. Cooper’s departure from the band he helped put on the map (and vice [...]

J.R. Blackmore & Friends | Voices Part 1

by John Kindred Staff Writer — J.R. Blackmore, son of the legendary Ritchie Blackmore, continues his own journey as a musician. Whether graced with his father’s musical genius through heredity or simply a man who has spent years honing his craft and art, J.R. Blackmore is a virtuoso of [...]

This Uneven Sky | This Uneven Sky

by Joe Mis Staff Writer — Simple and very human classic rock is probably the most apt description of the music made by Manchester UK’s This Uneven Sky. This five member collaboration of veteran musician blends together elements from a number of straight up rock genres to create a warm and [...]

Mastodon | The Hunter

by Alissa Ordabai Staff Writer — An eclectic, yet solidly coherent album with tasty chops, great melodies, and – most importantly – variety, Mastodon’s fifth album is their most ambitious release to date. Not only it covers a vastly expanded stylistic terrain, but manages to come up [...]

Joe Bonamassa | Dust Bowl

by Alissa Ordabai Staff Writer — It turns out that unoriginality and predictability sometimes have nothing to do with lack of talent or having nothing to say. The staggering revelation on Joe Bonamassa’s latest album – at least for those who are only briefly familiar with his act – is [...]

Mecca | Undeniable

by Ron & Don Higgins Staff Writer — Undeniable, commonly referred to as Mecca II, is the excellent follow-up to Mecca’s brilliant debut release nine years ago. Calling this album a labor of love is an understatement, as it took six years to complete (songwriting began back in 2005) and [...]

Brand New Sin | United State

by Cynthia Jo Staff Writer — Brand New Sin have been through the revolving door of the music industry, lineup changes and issues with record label. Guitarist Tommy Matkowski is a new addition to BNS, while original and founding member, Kris Wiechmann continues to be the rhythm guitarist and [...]

Opeth | Heritage

by Alissa Ordabai Staff Writer — It’s never enough to simply wish for creative growth, and this is what this album illustrates better than anything else. A new direction and a new vision for a band are impossible without learning new things about music – something which takes both [...]

Soul Seller | Wings of Freedom

by Nikiforos Skoumas Staff Writer — Though most would cite Scandinavia or Germany as a point of reference for contemporary melodic rock music; there is also a booming Italian scene which brought forward such great acts as Myland, Edge of Forever, Perfect View, Hungryheart and Fabri Kiareli; [...]
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