2011 Music Reviews

Wilco | The Whole Love

by Alissa Ordabai Staff Writer — If pastiche is your trade, then you are set for life, as success of Wilco’s latest album proves so convincingly. Apart from finding new ways of mining the legacy of the late 60s and the early 70s, the band is also learning how to garnish small-scale [...]

Steel Panther | Balls Out

by Nikiforos Skoumas Staff Writer — Glam metal revivalists and all-metal saviors Steel Panther have returned with their second album Balls Out. Since their 2009 debut, Death to all but Metal, Steel Panther have been a much sought after band having established strongholds in the United States [...]

Eagleheart | Dreamtherapy

by Joe Mis Staff Writer — If its pure power metal you want, look no further than the upcoming release from the Czech band Eagleheart entitled Dreamtherapy. This hard rocking quintet has been around since 2003 and their veteran status clearly shows on this tight and powerful album. Founded b [...]

Vain | Enough Rope

by Mark Allen Staff Writer — Look up the definition of “cult classic” in the sleaze-glam dictionary (not yet available for Kindle) and you will probably find a picture of Vain’s 1989 debut, No Respect. Unlike the title insinuation, the album actually garnered tons of respect and while [...]

Don Mancuso | No Strings Attached

by Alissa Ordabai Staff Writer — A four-decade career has seen the East Coast guitar vet Don Mancuso lend his A-grade chops to a plethora of rock luminaries – from Lou Gramm (who in mid-70s has been Mancuso’s bandmate in Back Sheep before defecting to Foreigner), to most recently the [...]

Disturbed | The Lost Children

by Mark Allen Staff Writer — Give Disturbed credit for catering to their fans. Although announcing they are on hiatus at least through 2012, the band has released this collection of b-sides and rarities to tide over their loyal followers who were lamenting the (temporary?) loss of one of [...]

SuperHeavy | SuperHeavy

by Alissa Ordabai Staff Writer — Nothing unites this assortment of loosely compiled tunes more than the coating of blasé superficiality the band gives to each style it engages in – from formulaic ballads and mechanistic reggae workouts to world music smothered in pop gloss. Few optimists [...]

Kilmara | Don’t Fear the Wolf

by John Kindred Staff Writer — Kilmara is a Spanish metal band that was formed in 2003. Originally named Jadde, the group’s original compositions were written in their native language. Kilmara soon added German vocalist Christian Wolfgang to its ranks and moved away from performing [...]

Kittie | I’ve Failed You

by Cynthia Jo Staff Writer — Can anyone remember the band Kittie past 1999s Spit and 2001s Oracle? If the answer is no, shockingly they’re still around proving that angry riot girl nu-metal is not worth production time. Kittie’s sixth studio album, I’ve Failed You makes its way in line [...]

Vangough | Kingdom Of Ruin

by Joe Mis Staff Writer — Vangough’s brand of metal music is as impressionistic as the art of the master painter who inspired their name. The Oklahoma City based quartet blends elements of progressive metal and straight up guitar rock with touches of gothic metal to come up with a rather [...]
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