Armoury Records

Twisted Sister : Under the Blade Special Edition

by John Kindred Staff Writer Formed in New Jersey in 1972, under the moniker Silver Star, the band aspired to be Jersey’s answer to the New York Dolls. Taking on the name Twisted Sister in ’73, the band was a revolving door of musicians banging out their existence by playing the local club [...]

Duff McKagen’s Loaded : The Taking

by Derric Miller Staff Writer With the obscene amount of success Duff McKagen has experienced in his career — with both GNR and Velvet Revolver — it seems only fair that Duff McKagen’s Loaded is just good, but not genre-defining. And maybe that’s all he is going for anymore … Like Dave [...]

Symfonia In Paradisum

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer If you’re a fan of the old school European progressive power metal sound, there’s no bigger development so far this year than the birth of the new supergroup Symfonia. The band features a trio of the biggest names in the genre – guitarist Timo Tolkki [...]

Unsun Clinic for Dolls

by Mark Allen Staff Writer Note to all the metal guitarists of the world: just because your wife is pretty as an angel does not mean she can actually sing like one. It’s a note that Polish axe-slinger Maurycy “Mauser” Stefanowicz needs to be sent ASAP, before his wife Aya’s banal [...]

Stratovarius Polaris

by John Kindred Staff Writer Polaris is the twelfth studio release from the Finnish power-prog-metal band Stratovarius. Battling through turmoil in recent years, the band finally has overcome the demise of Sanctuary Records and the volatile Timo Tolkki. With the “monkey off their back,” the [...]