Shraphead : Blind & Seduced

by Marc C. Staff Writer After seven years in the making, Shraphead’s Blind & Seduced is firing on all cylinders right out of the gate. Formed in August 2004 in Eidskog, Norway, founding members Mohamed Dyani and William Fossheim, later joined by singer Jo Johnsrud and in 2007 guitarist [...]

American Hollow : Whisper Campaign

by Joe Mi Staff Writer Whisper Campaign is the full-length debut release from Salt Lake City-based prog rockers American Hollow. Blending genres from progressive rock to classic rock and metal and influences from acts as diverse as Pink Floyd, Tool, Led Zeppelin and King Crimson, American Hollow is [...]

FarCry : Optimism

by Mark Allen Staff Writer You don’t have to roam to the distant ends of the earth to find pure, undiluted melodic hard rock. Just look no further than FarCry, the band that dropped their critically-acclaimed debut back in 2009. The band’s second album, Optimism, is finally here and you can [...]

Ratzinger : 2012

by Cyndi Jo Staff Writer After the simply dumb end of the world proclamation that never came on May 21, 2011, we are left to anticipate 2012 to be our demise. Well, if that’s the case, 2012 the second album from the Chilean metal band Ratzinger, which includes 10 killer tracks of thrash metal [...]

Winter : Into Darkness (reissue)

by Trevor Portz Staff Writer It’s unlikely that anyone who got into the burgeoning extreme metal scene in the late eighties/early nineties wasn’t, at the very least, aware of death/doomers Winter. While most bands were pushing the limits of speed and technicality, these New Yorkers lived up to [...]

Demonaz : March of the Norse

by Trevor Portz Staff Writer While his duties as guitarist for Immortal may be behind him, Demonaz Doom Occulta has far from left the scene that his band helped define. In addition to remaining the lone lyricist for the masters of Blashyrkh, he has also managed to churn out his first solo album, [...]

Twisted Sister : Under the Blade Special Edition

by John Kindred Staff Writer Formed in New Jersey in 1972, under the moniker Silver Star, the band aspired to be Jersey’s answer to the New York Dolls. Taking on the name Twisted Sister in ’73, the band was a revolving door of musicians banging out their existence by playing the local club [...]

Karl Demata : Cross the Mountain

by Alissa Ordabai Staff Writer A ruggedly elegant mixture of blues, hard rock and late 60s psychedelia, the debut solo album by Karl Demata is a pay-off to styles that his main band – UK proggers Crippled Black Phoenix – doesn’t always have the scope to fully engage in. Ably abetted by [...]

Black Stone Cherry : Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea

by Mark Allen Staff Writer Any naysayer who claims this isn’t one of the best hard rock releases of 2011 deserves to have both their eyes blackened. Of course, the odds of there being any naysayers are about as slim as finding diamonds in dog-shit, because this third effort from Black Stone [...]

Power Theory : Out of Ashes, Into the Fire

by Cyndi Jo Staff Writer Representing elements from classic and melodic metal, all combined with clear influence of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest in a mix of some great thrash — Pennsylvania’s Power Theory have taken their self-released 11-track album Out of Ashes, Into the Fire and made it an [...]
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