Earache Records

Evile | Five Serpent’s Teeth

by John Kindred Staff Writer — The U.K. conjures up thrash metal in the guise of Evile, pronounced “eeh-vile,” by the band. Harboring influences from the great thrash metal bands that launched their careers during the ‘80s, such as Metallica; Sepultura; Exodus; Annihilator; and Slayer, [...]

Rival Sons : Pressure and Time

by Erik Tweedy Staff Writer Now here’s an impressive release that’s a little different coming out of Los Angeles. Rival Sons unleashes something that feels so ultra-cool and hip to listen to that you’ll want to break out your bell bottoms and platform shoes. Mixing old-school funk and blues [...]

Cauldron Burning Fortune

by Derric Miller Staff Writer The Canadian trio Cauldron’s sophomore studio effort, Burning Fortune, is a step up from their debut Chained to the Nite, and not only because of proper spelling techniques. Burning Fortune features nine tracks that have no overt weaknesses, they are stronger [...]

Jason Decay of Cauldron

by Derric Miller Staff Writer Cauldron bassist/singer Jason Decay checked in with Hardrock Haven to discuss their brand new and sophomore studio release Burning Fortune; how/if the band’s sound has evolved from their debut release; how the movie “Star 80” influenced one of the new [...]

Erik Kluiber of White Wizzard

by Derric Miller Staff Writer White Wizzard guitarist Erik Kluiber checked in with Hardrock Haven to talk about their brand new studio release Over the Top; how he’s transitioned from a Hard Rock guitarist in Overloaded to a Traditional Heavy Metal guitarist in White Wizzard; the pissing [...]

Cauldron Chained To The Nite

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer It was bound to happen sooner or later. Someone finally slapped a label on the recent revival of adjective-free heavy metal that has been gaining momentum worldwide. Bands that worship at the altars of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden are now being classified as the New [...]