Heavy Metal

Messenger | See You in Hell

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer — Long-running German heavy metal band Messenger is back with a new album, their first in five years and fourth overall, titled See You in Hell. Messenger’s sound is somewhere between the power and traditional metal genres, and it’s firmly rooted in the [...]

Astral Doors | Jerusalem

by Nikiforos Skoumas Staff Writer Swedish heavy metal band Astral Doors have returned with their 6th studio album Jerusalem. Astral Doors play classic heavy metal, not to be confused with the ‘New wave of traditional heavy metal’ trend. It is all about heaviness, precision and impeccable [...]

Elm Street | Barbed Wire Metal

by Mark Allen Staff Writer Despite hailing from Australia, Elm Street’s sound is deeply rooted in ‘80s NWOBHM and American heavy metal. Not the mousse-and-spandex model, but the denim and leather definition. We’re not talking the pretty boy gloss of Poison or Stryper, we’re talking the [...]

Crowned By Fire | Prone to Destroy

by Mark Allen Staff Writer — Take the drums-guitar-bass simplicity of traditional American heavy metal and chop out all the fluff. Now inject it with some occasional hints of southern fried flavor and front it with a singer who can growl like a junkyard dog, snarl like a pissed off Pit Bull, [...]

Kilmara | Don’t Fear the Wolf

by John Kindred Staff Writer — Kilmara is a Spanish metal band that was formed in 2003. Originally named Jadde, the group’s original compositions were written in their native language. Kilmara soon added German vocalist Christian Wolfgang to its ranks and moved away from performing [...]

Charred Walls of the Damned | Cold Wind on Timeless Days

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer — Cold Winds on Timeless Days is the second album from Charred Walls of the Damned, the super-group (of sorts) featuring drummer Richard Christy (ex-Death, ex-Iced Earth), bassist Steve DiGiorgio (ex-Death, ex-Control Denied), guitarist/producer Jason Suecof and [...]

Megadeth | Th1rt3en

by Alissa Ordabai Staff Writer — Instant classics on Megadeth’s aptly titled 13th studio release show that Dave Mustaine remains firmly grounded in his identity while refusing to abate after a three-decade career full of ups, downs and everything else in between. Memorable, hurtling, tough [...]

Agincourt | Angels Of Mons

by Joe Mis Staff Writer — If you miss the glory days of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, you’ll be in for a treat if you grab a copy of the debut full length release Angels of Mons from the UK’s Agincourt. This long time quartet (together since 1991) is out to prove that old school [...]

Judas Priest | The Chosen Few

by John Kindred Staff Writer — The Grandfathers of Metal are a quartet of egos molded into the guise of one of the most influential NWOBHM ever to grace the stage and are known to the world as Judas Priest. The band’s longevity has spanned 40-plus years. That’s four decades! [...]

Stone Collar | Trial By Fire

by Erik Tweedy Staff Writer — When you think of South Africa, the last thing that probably comes to mind is crunchy melodic hard rock. Hailing from Cape Town South Africa, Stone Collar provides just that, a solid dose of old-school melodic hard rock with a modern touch that sounds fresh, [...]
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