Heavy Metal

Widow | Life’s Blood

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer — It’s been far too long since North Carolina’s traditional metal kings Widow have graced us with a new studio album. In the years since 2007’s Nightlife, we’ve seen a major resurgence in old school, traditional heavy metal, both here and abroad. Widow [...]

Dream Master | Spread your Wings

by Nikiforos Skoumas Staff Writer — Spread Your Wings is the brand new fourth studio effort by Argentinean heavy/melodic metal group Dream Master. Dream Master play down-tuned heavy metal, emphasizing guitars and vocals over all else. The line-up features singer and guitarist Ezequiel [...]

Tokyo Blade | Thousand Men Strong

by Joe Mis Staff Writer “Forged in Hell’s fire – The Blade is coming back” – not only a line from one of their songs, but an apt description of Tokyo Blade’s latest release, Thousand Men Strong. This veteran British quintet hasn’t lost a step since their formation back [...]

Love.Might.Kill | Brace for Impact

by Nikiforos Skoumas Staff Writer A new member in the “Firewind” family of bands has debuted! Love.Might.Kill is the hard rock/metal band of prodigal drummer Michael Ehre who joined “Firewind” in 2010. Issued by Massacre Records, Brace for Impact is the group’s debut album where Ehre is [...]

Firewolfe | Firewolfe

by Nikiforos Skoumas Staff Writer A year past the Angel of Babylon debut, lead singer David Fefolt re-emerges with yet another heavy metal project/band, Firewolfe. To be fair, Firewolfe is actually the brainchild of guitarists Paul Kleff and Nick Layton who decided to join forces, also featuring [...]

Jorn | Live in Black

by John Kindred Staff Writer If the late Ronnie James Dio, the voice of hard rock and metal, were to pass the “metal” torch to anyone then he most certainly passed it to Jorn Lande, to keep the flame burning brightly for all to see and hear. He was indoctrinated with the honor of taking [...]

The Rods | Vengeance

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer New York heavy metal heroes The Rods are back from the grave with the aptly-titled Vengeance (as in “back with a”), their first album in 25 years. The too often overlooked band had a lot to do with developing the American heavy metal sound in the early ‘80s, but [...]

Blood Ceremony : Living With the Ancients

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer Living With the Ancients is the second album from Canadian heavy/doom metal band Blood Ceremony. Led by female vocalist/organist/flautist Alia O’Brien, Blood Ceremony plays a wickedly retro-sounding brand of metal with emphasis on heavy, doomy riffs, occult themes [...]
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