John Kindred Publisher for Hardrock Haven

by Alexandra Mrozowska – Columnist — Hardrock Haven’s founder, publisher John Kindred, gets grilled by one of his staff columnists Alexandra Mrozowska. After 10 plus years running the respected online magazine, the man behind the curtain gives insight into his past, his opinion on [...]

Derric Miller Managing Editor for Hardrock Haven

by Alexandra Mrozowska – Columnist — Hardrock Haven’s managing editor and PR guy, Derric Miller, joins John in the interrogation. Miller explains how his background and writing experience has helped John grow the site, changes to the industry good and bad, how writers can improve [...]

Filippo Cavallini of Voodoo Highway

by Alexandra Mrozowska Staff Writer — Hard rock might not be a genre which we immediately associate with Italian music, and we still cannot talk about any serious revolution happening in the European rock scene yet. However, the increasing number of great hard rock acts from Italy appearing [...]

Troy McLawhorn of Evanescence

by Deb Rao Staff Writer In this exclusive interview with Hardrock Haven, guitarist Troy McLawhorn discusses the making of the new self-titled Evanescence CD. From the moment that Evanescence launched onto to music scene, the band has captivated audiences worldwide with the unforgettable vocals of [...]

Fredrik Åkesson of Opeth

by Cameron Edney Guest Staff Writer — Swedish Metallers Opeth Take a New Direction with Heritage In Mid-September Swedish metallers Opeth will release their tenth studio album via roadrunner records titled Heritage. Not only does this mark the band’s return to the studio following up from [...]

Mitch Malloy

by Marija Brettle Staff Writer — With two hit albums in the U.S. and top 20 singles behind, the ever popular Nashville singer/songwriter Mitch Malloy re-emerged this October with his new release entitled, Mitch Malloy II. The album that show this gifted vocalist truly returning to his most [...]

Simon, Eric & Martin of Crashdiet

by Deb Rao Staff Writer — Hardrock Haven recently had the opportunity to speak with Sweden rock band Crashdiet at their Las Vegas show at Vamp’d. The band performed a West Coast trek of dates including special stops at the Key Club In LA and Club Red in Tempe, Ariz. Crashdiet is touring [...]

Scott Ian of Anthrax

by Cameron Edney Guest Staff Writer — In the Pit with Anthrax’s Scott Ian With thirty years of thrashing under his belt Anthrax’s Scott Ian knows how to deliver a mind-blowing album and it don’t get much better than the long-awaited Worship Music but it’s surely taken some time to get [...]

Aaron Wiig of The Stone Chiefs

by Deb Rao Staff Writer — Hardrock Haven is proud to present an interview from up and coming new band The Stone Chiefs. The Stone Chiefs has just released their debut Drive On. As you can tell from the title, Drive On is full of catchy guitar riffs and hard driving vocals. The Stone Chiefs [...]

Otep Shamaya: 2008 Revisited

by Deb Rao Staff Writer — Revisited Interview with Otep Shamaya from 2008 Archaic Revival comments: “One of the most exciting and brutally honest women performers in metal today is Otep Shamaya. Otep is not only a musician but also an accomplished poet and speaker. Her lyrics are razor [...]
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