Modern Superstar | Under My Skin

by Erik Tweedy Staff Writer Hailing from the great state of Ohio, Modern Superstar has unleashed their debut release, Under My Skin. Chock full of pop-oriented rock that occasionally leans toward the glam/sleaze side of the fence. Built around straight forward melodies, catchy riffs and a big [...]

Triggersoul : Restoration

by Mark Allen Staff Writer Unlike a virgin on his wedding night, this album has been a long time coming. It was originally recorded in 2007 and scheduled to be released by Chavis Records, but then tragedy struck in the form of the sudden death of lead guitarist Aaron Roe. In the aftermath of their [...]

Gypsy Pistoleros : Duende – Last of the Pistoleros

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer Duende – Last of the Pistoleros is the latest offering from “flamenco rock n’ roll glam punk sleaze kings” Gypsy Pistoleros. The London-based band (and perennial Rocklahoma favorites) has come up with an interesting spin on the traditional “hair metal” [...]

Snake Eyes Seven 13 Crows

by Alex Barbieri Staff Writer The title track of Snake Eyes Seven 13 Crows starts promisingly enough, the band’s musicianship meandering around a whet Whitesnake groove. Vocalist Stone’s appealing midrange seductively draws you in until … that screech starts. Like Mozart is told in the movie, [...]

Steevi Jaimz My Private Hell

by Alex Barbieri Staff Writer Not many people outside of the European hard rock/glam scene know about Steevi Jaimz, the peroxide blonde ex-singer of Tigertailz. Back in the day, the Tailz were England’s neon-colored answer to America’s Poison. In 1987, Jaimz sang on their first album, Young and [...]

De Van Planet Botox

by Derric Miller Staff Writer “We believe in plastic surgery! The only way you can be what you want to be,” sings Eric De Van, lead singer of the remarkable new band, De Van, on the track “Plastic Surgery.” Their debut, Planet Botox, is at once cutting, bleak, excessively honest and above [...]