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Charred Walls of the Damned | Cold Wind on Timeless Days

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer — Cold Winds on Timeless Days is the second album from Charred Walls of the Damned, the super-group (of sorts) featuring drummer Richard Christy (ex-Death, ex-Iced Earth), bassist Steve DiGiorgio (ex-Death, ex-Control Denied), guitarist/producer Jason Suecof and [...]

DC4 | Electric Ministry

by Erik Tweedy Staff Writer Ever wondered what David Lee Roth would sound like if he sang for a metal band? The latest release from DC4, Electric Ministry, has vocalist Jeff Duncan channeling one of rocks greatest front men, albeit, it is not the Woman and Children classic VH vocal style we are all [...]

Powerwolf | Blood of the Saints

by Justin Gaines Guest Staff Writer Can we declare 2011 the Year of the Devil yet? Between the emergence of Ghost, Blood Ceremony and Portrait and the return of the original Satan’s Host lineup, this year was already loaded with good old-fashioned evil heavy metal. Now we have a new album from [...]

Unearth | Darkness In The Light

by Cyndi Jo Staff Writer For those who don’t understand Unearth, the only thing to understand is that they are probably the only band that can still maintain the right amount of consistency in the now Hot Topic, money grabbing, metal-core scene. Even though the last effort, The March, received [...]

Vomitory : Opus Mortis VIII

by Trevor Portz Staff Writer Ahh, Vomitory—a name that brings forth images of summer days and picnics in the park with friends. A puppy chases a kitten across your blanket as you laugh and enjoy the sun. Then a hungry grizzly bear gobbles them up, regurgitating a pool of blood and hair onto your [...]

Bison B.C. Dark Ages

by Trevor Portz Staff Writer It’s always a bit strange when a band comes around that seemingly contains all of the necessary ingredients to be great—technical skill, decent songwriting, a reasonably unique style—yet somehow manages to fall a bit flat. Such is the case with Bison B.C., [...]