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Vangough | Kingdom Of Ruin

by Joe Mis Staff Writer — Vangough’s brand of metal music is as impressionistic as the art of the master painter who inspired their name. The Oklahoma City based quartet blends elements of progressive metal and straight up guitar rock with touches of gothic metal to come up with a rather [...]

Divine Ascension | As The Truth Appears

by Joe Mis Staff Writer The old cliché “Thunder From Down Under” has been used and misused many times, but applying it to Australia’s Divine Ascension is appropriate. As The Truth Appears is the dynamic debut from the Aussie group and is a thunderous mix of progressive metal, power metal [...]

Anubis Gate | Anubis Gate

by Franco Cerchiari Staff Writer As painful as it is to admit, progressive metal bands like Cynthesis, Creation’s End, Hourglass, Myrath and Anubis Gate —  until American radio gets its act together — will never be heard to a wider audience. But, be that as it may, as long as Anubis [...]

Myrath | Tales of the Sands

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer The Middle East is not what you would typically consider a hotbed for heavy metal, but in recent years a handful of very impressive bands from that area have broken through, putting a regional spin on the progressive metal sound. Innovative Israeli bands Orphaned Land [...]

Mark Mitchell of Tetrafusion

by Derric Miller Staff Writer Tetrafusion bassist Mark Mitchell checked in with Hardrock Haven to announce the upcoming recording of their third studio album; why they added vocals on their sophomore effort Altered State when their original release was an instrumental; the running narrative through [...]

Alberto Rigoni : Rebirth

by Joe Mis Staff Writer If you’re tired of the screaming, growling and moaning out in the current metal scene and want to listen to real music, then the latest release from well-respected bass player Alberto Rigoni, entitled Rebirth, may be just the ticket. Alberto Rigoni may be a new name [...]

Gordon Tittsworth of Images of Eden

by Derric Miller Staff Writer Images of Eden singer Gordon Tittsworth checked in with Hardrock Haven to talk about their incredible new release Rebuilding the Ruins; their exclusive world premiere of the track “Crosses in the Sand” on Hardrock Haven; upcoming tour plans; the story [...]

Images of Eden Rebuilding the Ruins

by Derric Miller Staff Writer One of the most thought-provoking groups making music today is Progressive Metal band Images of Eden, who has just released their third studio effort, Rebuilding the Ruins. Led by singer/musician/songwriter Gordon Tittsworth (Dread the Forsaken, All Too Human), the [...]

Clandestine The Invalid

by Joe Mis Staff Writer If you are looking for something just a little bit different, check out the LA-based underground prog metal quartet called Clandestine. Slated to release their first full length CD in mid-February, Clandestine seems poised to make the leap from local to national prominence. [...]

Tetrafusion Altered State

by Marc C. Staff Writer Any time an instrumental act adds vocals the outcome is usually like a fork in the road, either you make the wrong turn or you head onto a blissful path thankful the right turn was made. Unfortunately and in most cases a band will fall on its face as they’ve ventured [...]
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