Paisty Jenny

Paisty Jenny

by Derric Miller Staff Writer Paisty Jenny checked in with Hardrock Haven to talk about their killer brand new EP Head in a Haze; how they hooked up with producers Michael Beck and Brad Vance; how the new-ish guitarist Stan Liberty entered the fold; the video for “Anything;” how the [...]

Dakota Rock Fest 2009 Live!

July 24 & 25, 2009 W.H. Lyon Fairgorunds, Sioux Falls, SD. by Derric Miller Staff Writer Friday’s Lineup 4:00 pm JUKEBOX ZEROES 5:00 pm GOODBYE THRILL 6:00 pm TALON 7:00 pm ESCAPE 8:00 pm FAR CRY 9:00 pm DRAW THE LINE 10:00 pm HEAD EAST 11:15 pm APRIL WINE Saturday’s Lineup 10:00 am [...]

Paisty Jenny Spilling Mercury

by Derric Miller Staff Writer You know you are in for a life lesson when you read the words of wisdom on Paisty Jenny’s CD liner: “Sometimes you need to get drunk to feel sober, cry to see clearer and fall down a few times before you learn how to pick yourself up. We would like to add [...]