power metal

Desert Sin | Destination Paradise

by Joe Mis Staff Writer — Like an avalanche roaring down from the Alps, Desert Sin’s upcoming album Destination Paradise will have the ground shaking. The Austrian five piece metal band hails from Tyrol in the Alps, and looks poised to make a big impact on the melodic power metal scene [...]

Eagleheart | Dreamtherapy

by Joe Mis Staff Writer — If its pure power metal you want, look no further than the upcoming release from the Czech band Eagleheart entitled Dreamtherapy. This hard rocking quintet has been around since 2003 and their veteran status clearly shows on this tight and powerful album. Founded b [...]

Eldritch | Gaia’s Legacy

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer — Long-running Italian progressive power metal band Eldritch is back after a four-year absence with Gaia’s Legacy, their eighth studio album. Eldritch has never been a band to shy away from social issues, and Gaia’s Legacy continues that trend. The album is a [...]

Brainstorm | On the Spur of the Moment

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer — Long running, hard-hitting German power metal band Brainstorm is back with a new studio album, their ninth, titled On the Spur of the Moment. With a sound that focused more on the headbanging heavy metal side of power metal than the sing-song hyper-melodic [...]

Iced Earth | Dystopia

by John Kindred Staff Writer — Iced Earth’s 10th studio album Dystopia, although not a concept record per say, loosely is held together by the common thread of the calamity of a Dystopian society. The definition of dystopian, a creation of a nightmare world, is the exact opposite of a [...]

Zandelle | Shadows of the Past

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer — Long-running (and way too often overlooked) New York-based traditional/power metal outfit Zandelle is back with a new album, entitled Shadows of the Past. Actually, this isn’t so much a new offering as it is a fresh look at some older Zandelle material dating [...]

Powerwolf | Blood of the Saints

by Justin Gaines Guest Staff Writer Can we declare 2011 the Year of the Devil yet? Between the emergence of Ghost, Blood Ceremony and Portrait and the return of the original Satan’s Host lineup, this year was already loaded with good old-fashioned evil heavy metal. Now we have a new album from [...]

ReinXeed | 1912

by Franco Cerchiari Staff Writer After the release of the extraordinary Majestic just a mere 10 months ago, it was a huge hope that this great Scandinavian power metal quintet would come back even stronger with a release that firmly would set this band as one that could keep up with any of their [...]