Pure Steel Records

Desert Sin | Destination Paradise

by Joe Mis Staff Writer — Like an avalanche roaring down from the Alps, Desert Sin’s upcoming album Destination Paradise will have the ground shaking. The Austrian five piece metal band hails from Tyrol in the Alps, and looks poised to make a big impact on the melodic power metal scene [...]

Split Heaven : Street Law

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer Apparently the traditional metal revival that has swept Europe, Canada and the United States has also made it to Mexico in the form of Split Heaven, a hungry young five-piece with an old school sound and a thoroughly modern energy. The band, who will be performing at [...]

Artizan : Curse Of The Artizan

by Joe Mis Staff Writer The American “traditional metal” scene is not dead, as is nicely proven by Florida-based metal act Artizan. While so many metal bands are leaning towards metalcore or screamo, Artizan is doing it old-school and heavy on their full length debut release, Curse of the [...]

Emerald Re-Forged

by Joe Mis Staff Writer Re-Forged is the newest release from the veteran metal band Emerald. Hailing from Switzerland, this sextet has put together a dozen pounding tracks of relentless metal that will blow out even the best speakers. Emerald’s roots extend back to 1995 when members of Dark [...]

Eternal Reign The Dawn of Reckoning

by Derric Miller Staff Writer Hailing from Germany, the Power Metal gents of Eternal Reign have just released their third studio album, called The Dawn of Reckoning. Unlike some other Power Metal bands from Germany, Eternal Reign is measurably more “Metal” than bands they may find themselves [...]

Rick Black of A Tortured Soul

by Derric Miller Staff Writer Lead singer Rick Black of A Tortured Soul checked in with Hardrock Haven to talk about the band’s brand new studio album Lucifer’s Fate; his 6-octave range; the band’s upcoming tour plans; what specific songs like “Dark Chapel” and the [...]

A Tortured Soul Lucifer’s Fate

by Derric Miller Staff Writer Part Metal Church, part Judas Priest, part King Diamond, you’ve got to give the gents of A Tortured Soul much respect for taking on an aggressive and seemingly impossible amalgam of Metal greatness and making it all work in the context of a single band. To do so, you [...]

Commandment No Mercy

by Derric Miller Staff Writer Recorded in the fall of 1989, Commandment’s No Mercy is the band’s sophomore effort, one that never saw a true release, but is now, thanks to Pure Steel Records. Commandment was a Power Metal/Classic Metal band from the Chicago area that found regional success but [...]