LIVE! : Accept with Sabaton

by Steve Trager Staff Writer April 14, 2011 at Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia, PA. Germany’s export Accept has always packed a punch with their live shows. In the ‘80s they rocked then; and now with a current new lineup in the fold, Accept has truly outshines once again with a stellar live [...]

Evergrey : Glorious Collision

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer Glorious Collision is the long-awaited eighth studio album from Sweden’s masters of dark progressive metal, Evergrey. Once again, the band’s lineup changed prior to this album’s release. Tom Englund is the only remaining founding member (to be fair, he pretty [...]

Tore St. Moren : The Journey / Benedict’s Song

by John Kindred Staff Writer In the Hard Rock and Metal communities, Tore St. Moren most notably is known for his role as one of Jorn Lande’s primary guitarists. Sharing this role in Jorn’s band since 2000, Moren has been featured on six studio albums, two compilation albums, one live album and [...]

LIVE! : Framing Hanley with MeTalkPretty

by Sara J. McCarthy Staff Writer March 29, 2011 at The Lost Horizon in Syracuse, NY. Under new management and freshly renovated, Syracuse’s oldest Rock club, The Lost Horizon, the venue, was filled with a palpable energy on a recent Tuesday night. Since the ‘70s, The Lost Horizon has hosted a [...]

Vicious Rumors : Razorback Killers

by Erik Tweedy Staff Writer The history of Vicious Rumors dates back to 1980, when they began playing Metal Mondays at the Old Waldorf in San Francisco. Since that time, they have released a staggering 12 bone-crushing studio and live albums and are regarded as one of the Bay area’s top thrash [...]

Born Of Osiris : The Discovery

by Cyndi Jo Staff Writer Born of Osiris is that one type of band that lingers in a genre that the uncertainty of listening to it becomes unlikely apparent. It’s not because Born Of Osiris represents those bands that merely are acceptable; it’s for the reason that they’re in that pool of bands [...]

Zero Illusions : Oblivion

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer As soon as the opening track, “Alive,” of Oblivion, the second full-length album from Zero Illusions, kicks in, you get this sense of déjà vu, and not just because they sound like Saxon, though they most certainly do. A quick check of the Swedish melodic metal [...]

Social 66 : Self Governed

by Chris A. Staff Writer Control: For Jason Odaniel, the man behind the curtain of Akron, Ohio-based Social66, it’s all about control; it’s about doing things by his rules and making his music his way. Self Governed is Odaniel’s musical statement about the complexities, [...]

Cage Science of Annihilation

by Derric Miller Staff Writer If there is one band that is carrying the Heavy Metal mantle once held by Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, that band is clearly Cage. If this was Heavy Metal Highlander, and there could only be one … that ONE would be Cage. It’s surreal how talented this band is, from [...]

Tommy Bones Tommy Bones

by Joe Mis Staff Writer Tommy Bones is the self-titled release of Houston Texas based singer/guitarist Tommy Bones. Take the swagger, anger and blues influences of Guns ’N Roses and add the power of Black Label Society plus a touch of Pantera and you have a pretty good description of the music of [...]
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