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Fredrik Åkesson of Opeth

by Cameron Edney Guest Staff Writer — Swedish Metallers Opeth Take a New Direction with Heritage In Mid-September Swedish metallers Opeth will release their tenth studio album via roadrunner records titled Heritage. Not only does this mark the band’s return to the studio following up from [...]

Opeth | Heritage

by Alissa Ordabai Staff Writer — It’s never enough to simply wish for creative growth, and this is what this album illustrates better than anything else. A new direction and a new vision for a band are impossible without learning new things about music – something which takes both [...]

Megadeth | Th1rt3en

by Alissa Ordabai Staff Writer — Instant classics on Megadeth’s aptly titled 13th studio release show that Dave Mustaine remains firmly grounded in his identity while refusing to abate after a three-decade career full of ups, downs and everything else in between. Memorable, hurtling, tough [...]

Machine Head | Unto the Locust

by Mark Allen Staff Writer — Make no mistake, the new Machine Head album, Unto the Locust is not only as good as the band’s previous, Grammy-nominated release The Blackening, it’s better. So much better, in fact, that the fans who once hailed The Blackening as Machine Head’s magnum opus [...]

Trivium | In Waves

by Mark Allen Staff Writer To claim that the modern thrash/metalcore world would not be the same without Trivium’s presence would be to give them way more credit than they deserve. But to dismiss them as a pox that should be purged from the heavy music community is an unfair trivialization of [...]

Geoff Tate of Queensryche

by Derric Miller Staff Writer Queensryche lead singer Geoff Tate checked in with Hardrock Haven to talk about their brand new studio release Dedicated to Chaos; the composition of specific songs like “Higher” and “Hot Spot Junkie;” his favorite vocal moments on the release; [...]

Madam Adam : Madam Adam

by Mark Allen Staff Writer Madam Adam’s palindromic moniker is fairly unique within the modern hard rock hierarchy, but their actual sound has certainly been done before. Good thing for Madam Adam that they do it better than most, managing to mix in the mandatory components demanded by the modern [...]

Airbourne No Guts No Glory

by John Kindred Staff Writer The ’07 debut album Runnin’ Wild put the world on notice that Australia’s next export would carry on in the grand tradition of AC/DC. Armed with beer-soaked anthems for the common man, such as “Stand Up For Rock ‘N’ Roll” and “Too Much, Too Young, Too [...]