Himora | Argue All You Want

by Trevor Portz Staff Writer — Throwback bands have a difficult job to do. They somehow have to capture the magic that made a style cool in the first place, but also add their own twist. Plus, they have to avoid the less spectacular bits that inevitably forced the style out of fashion in the [...]

Thunderstick | Echoes From the Analogue Asylum

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer — The fifth entry in Heaven & Hell’s Lost Relics reissue series, Echoes From the Analogue Asylum is a loaded anthology of solo recordings by Thunderstick. Best known as the enigmatic masked drummer of New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) pioneers [...]

SuperHeavy | SuperHeavy

by Alissa Ordabai Staff Writer — Nothing unites this assortment of loosely compiled tunes more than the coating of blasé superficiality the band gives to each style it engages in – from formulaic ballads and mechanistic reggae workouts to world music smothered in pop gloss. Few optimists [...]

Toby Hitchcock | Mercury’s Down

by Mark Allen Staff Writer Before listening to this album, you should probably make an appointment with a dentist to have your mouth wired shut, because there are moments on Mercury’s Down that will drop your jaw to the floor unless you take prior preventative precautions. The album as a whole is [...]


by John Kindred Staff Writer UFO is a blues-based hard rock band from the United Kingdom. The band was formed by the trio of Phil Mogg, Andy Parker and Pete Way in ’69. UFO released two studio albums, 1970’s UFO 1 and ’71’s UFO 2: Flying, prior to signing on with Chrysalis [...]

Rainbow | Live in Germany 1976

by John Kindred Staff Writer Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow came into being in the fall of 1974, as he and then-unknown Elf vocalist Ronnie James Dio recorded solo material for his new album. Disenchanted with the direction of Deep Purple sans Ian Gillain and Roger Glover, Blakemore created [...]

YES | Fly from Here

by Marc C. Staff Writer At times the anticipation of new music from one’s childhood heroes can sometimes go completely awry and this certainly is one of those times. In their Wikipedia article the band is described as “an English progressive rock band formed in London in 1968. Regarded as [...]

Malicious | Malicious 2011

by Nikiforos Skoumas Staff Writer Malicious 2011 is the reissue of the U.S. hard rock act’s debut album, originally released in 1994. Malicious was actually a studio trio featuring guitarist Jimmy Cassidy, lead singer Paul Petrik and drummer Zan Petersen. This re-issue features the standard ten [...]

Lionville | Lionville

by Nikiforos Skoumas Staff Writer Lionville is the AOR project of Italian singer/guitarist Stefano Lionetti issued by Avenue of Allies. Lionville, an Italian AOR super-group at its own right, features musicians with far superior CVs than that of their founder; beyond Lionetti. Lionville features [...]

M.I.C. | 3rd Degree

by Joe Mis Staff Writer International rockers M.I.C. (Made In China) have recently released their third studio album, entitled 3rd Degree. This quintet of talented performers plays music that spans genres from early ‘80s classic rock to modern power-pop and delivers 12 tracks of pure fun. Like a [...]
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