Virgin Steele | Age of Consent (Remastered)

by Erik Tweedy Staff Writer — Originally released in 1988, Age of Consent, Virgin Steele’s fourth studio release, was to be the album to catapult the band to metal stardom. Much to the band’s dismay the album was released with no label support and subsequently went unnoticed by most of [...]

Riot | Immortal Soul

by Justin Gaines Staff Writer Now here’s an album many fans doubted would ever materialize. Immortal Soul is the fourteenth studio album from American heavy metal stalwarts Riot. It also marks the return of on-again, off-again vocalist Tony Moore and the rest of the lineup responsible for the [...]

Skinny Puppy | hanDover

by Trevor Portz Staff Writer — With the 20th anniversary of industrial’s brief stint with mainstream acceptability just around the corner, it’s nice to see one of the most important bands from the genre still clanking noisily along. Having dabbled in everything from dark pop to near [...]

Fullforce | One

by Franco Cerchiari Staff Writer Bringing together a band whose members come from such iconic metal heavyweights as solid as DivineFire, Narnia, Cloudscape, Hammerfall, Yngvie Malmsteen and Silent Memorial one should have a firm sentiment that this indeed will be a band that can (and will) live up [...]

Jag Panzer The Scourge of the Light

by John Kindred Staff Writer After a long absence, Jag Panzer are ready to return to the Metal world with the 2011 release of Scourge of the Light. Moving from Century Media to SPV/Steamhammer Records, Jag Panzer alumni Harry Conklin (vocals), Mark Briody (guitar), John Tetley (bass) and Rikard [...]

UFO Best of a Decade

by Joe Mis Staff Writer The legendary UFO has landed again. Picking and choosing their best tracks – both studio and live – from the last few years of their existence, UFO remains a force to be reckoned with… With roots dating back to the London club scene in the late 1960s, UFO has [...]