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Miller, Derric


Derric Miller

Derric Miller

Hey ya’ll! I hail from South Dakota, born and raised, and I’m still there. I’m a guy who has published horror and nonfiction in the mainstream markets, and co-authored two history books.

But what got me into metal?

That’d be Dokken’s Tooth and Nail, which is still one of my all-time favorites. I joined Hardrock Haven many moons ago, and besides reviewing and interviewing bands, I also play a PR and label relations role with the site.

At Hardrock Haven, I hope my reviews help you make some decisions on which releases are worth your coin, and my interviews give you some insight into the artist behind the music. Besides my contributions to Hardrock Haven, I have co-written some pretty obscene songs, and some equally gonzo horror, have done some kick ass book signings, and tend to help bands with lyrics and the like. I keep myself all over the place, and it’s been working out pretty well … thanks to Hardrock Haven!

I also co-wrote a heavy metal horror novella with former Hardrock Haven madman Mark Allen called Mudslingers. You can find it at

And I have a new novel out, Gristle, co-written with Mark Allen again and you can find it here on Amazon!

Oh yeah, and Mark and I are still doing it. New book Chunks of Hell is out now. And it’s a beaut … 

Thanks for making Hardrock Haven your stop for everything Rock and Metal!


4 Comments on Miller, Derric

  1. Hey Derric,

    Haven’t heard from you in awhile, maybe I have an old email but it doesn’t appear you’re getting the digital promo’s from Nightmare anymore?


  2. Hello Derrick
    Would you be interested in review my new band “druckfarben” Cd?
    Hoping to hear from you soon

  3. Hey Derric,

    Did Z Records send you the D’Ercole CD?

    Please let me know so I can send you a copy.



  4. hi Derrick!
    good to see you here in the new formulae of Hard Rock Haven!
    It is very clear, and easy to navigate in, congrats to all!
    All the best, long live RnR and HrH

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