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Allen, Mark

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Mark Allen

Mark Allen has a job as a Federal Correctional Officer in order to pay his ridiculously oversized mortgage, but his real passion, the thing that gets his juices flowing like a ravenous Rottweiler eyeing a raw rib-eye, is creative writing. Action novels, horror screenplays, avant garde short stories, hardboiled novellas, romantic poetry…he’s done them all, some published, some not. In 2009 he became involved with reissue specialists Eonian Records, penning band biographies and press releases.

His love affair with hard rock and metal flamed into existence at the tender age of sixteen; raised in a conservative Christian faith, he eventually struck off down his own path, keeping the Christian faith of his youth but jettisoning the conservative legalism. Like a man dying of thirst throwing himself into an oasis, he immersed himself in the Christian rock music realm. Petra led to Stryper, who then led him into the secular music realm. Winger led to all things hair-metal, when eventually segued into the European melodic hard rock scene, and eventually it all culminated in his embrace of heavy metal, thrash, power, speed, etc. Scan his CD collection or iPod and you’ll unearth everything from classic rock like AC/DC to German melodic rock like Bonfire to Christian modern metal like Demon Hunter to thrash-core bands like Soilwork. Diversity is the name of the game…as long as it’s all rock and metal.

He is married to a wife he loves, has two little girls he adores, a cat he hates with every fiber of his being, and spends his free time watching horror movies, bow-hunting, honing his sarcasm skills, and, of course, writing. And no matter what he does, it’s usually accompanied by some good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll.

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  1. Wow! t
    Thanks Mark for the kick ass review of our CD “Superstar Prototype!!
    We loved the way you described it with your own little funny word twists!
    Fuckin loved it!
    Thanks again and we hope for your continued support. :)

    /Percy & CellOut

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