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Higgins, Ron & Don

Biography —

Ron & Don Higgins

Ron & Don are passionate music lovers who got hooked on hard rock over 30 years ago when they purchased their first album (the best live album of all time in their not so humble opinion), the incredible Alive II by the legendary rockers KISS. They still have it in their collection along with hundreds of mp3’s, CD’s, tapes, records, and 8-tracks. Yes, you read that right… 8-tracks. If the economy doesn’t pick up soon they may have to resort to selling their Love Gun 8-track on eBay for 25 cents.

Additionally, they love watching live music. Their first concert was in 1983 to see AC/DC’s Flick of the Switch Tour with Fastway opening. They still have their ticket stubs and concert T’s from the show, along with ticket stubs, set lists, guitar picks and whatever else they could get their grubby little paws on from the hundreds of shows they’ve seen since. Their musical tastes are quite diverse including 50’s Doo-Wop, classic rock, punk, alternative, prog rock, prog metal, & melodic rock among others. This summer they saw Night Ranger, Yes, Peter Frampton, Jimmy Buffet, and most recently, KISS, Sammy Hagar and Aerosmith. This weekend they plan to see L.A. Guns followed up next month with Kamelot (wives permitting, of course)!

In 2000, they began their foray into the business world of rock and roll, working on Artist Interviews for They had the privilege of conducting interviews with Brett Michaels of Poison as well as members of Dokken, Tesla, Great White, Steelheart and others. In 2007 their musical adventure continued as they began hosting their own hard rock/heavy metal program, The Zeus & Apollo Show, on a local radio station, WMWX (ClassX). In addition to programming their own two-hour show each week they were able to conduct additional interviews with the likes of Jani Lane, Jason McMaster and Bombay Black.

Now they are excited to continue their expansion into the world of hard rock as Staff Writers for the mighty Hardrock Haven. They look forward to providing CD/DVD reviews and the occasional concert review. They are also working on publishing their own hard rock music book…due in stores sometime within the next decade.

When they’re not attending concerts they enjoy spending time with each of their 3 kids and their lovely wives (usually on or near a soccer field!).