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C., Marc



“My story begins in the womb way back in the early ’60s and culminates to today where drumming is still one of the most important factors of my existence”

Prior to becoming a father in 1997 I lived & breathed drums! From elementary through high school it was rare for me not to have a pair of sticks handy. I started with the school orchestra in 3rd grade and graduated high school as part of a state champion drum line. Following high school I became a private drum instructor and marching band drum line instructor as well as marching with both a DCA & DCI drum corps. In 1987 I put my marching career behind me and became a full time set player and that’s when everything changed!!

Fast forward to today and I am fortunate to be playing with 3 of some of the best musicians I have ever known. While we haven’t yet hit the “big time” I couldn’t be happier with where my life is now. Ever realistic about my chances of becoming a rock star I still enjoy sitting behind my kit almost more than anything else.

Being a musician/performer has allowed me opportunities such as radio show DJ and now staff writer here at HRH. I can promise honesty and sometimes brutal commentary but I only know how to call it like I see it. As a fan of all genres of music I will do my best in providing accurate reviews in hopes of guiding you towards the best of what the music industry has to offer.

Feel free to send me an email regarding any review or comment and if you think there’s a band I need to know about do hesitate to make me aware of them. I welcome the opportunity to interact with you and look forward to a long and illustrious stay here at Hardrock Haven!

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