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Jo, Cynthia


Cynthia Jo

Cynthia Jo

Born and raised in the music capital of the world, Los Angeles, California, Cynthia Jo has always had a vision and passion for music, especially rock and roll. At the young age of twelve, she began promoting local bands and became intrigued and very passionate in describing them. Anything from metal to pop rock to hardcore she wanted to be the first to describe them to anyone she came across. With that passion, she entered a writing contest at her high school. She wrote a poem about one of her favorite bands, Metallica, and won first place. Afterward, she became the entertainment writer for her high school’s newspaper and, by her senior year, the editor for the entertainment section.

Covering anything from the Grammy’s to mainstream bands coming to town to the schools’ jazz band, she made sure the entertainment section was the best her school ever saw. That recognition was proven when Bank of America honored her with a scholarship for communications that same year. After graduating high school, she enrolled at the University of Southern California to pursue a Music Industry degree. However, after earning mediocre grades, she decided to drop out and pursue the two things she loves the most: music and writing. Now, she attends California State University Northridge, earning credits to obtain a bachelors in Journalism and hopes to return to USC to earn a masters in Specialized Journalism.

Overall, she is a tenacious individual with an exceptional understanding of youth culture and entertainment. Her active involvement involves being a contributing writer for Metal Army and a staff writer for The Metal Register.