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Disturbed, Korn & Sevendust LIVE!

by Deb Rao
Staff Writer

March 12, 2011 at The Joint in Las Vegas, NM.

One of the hottest concert bills this year, Music As A Weapon Tour featuring Disturbed, Korn, and Sevendust made a special stop at The Joint in Las Vegas on March 12. Performing to a sold out crowd of metal fans, this tour did not disappoint.

Sevendust, who have been on the road touring relentlessly over the past year in support of their latest release Cold Day Memory. Opening with “Splinter”, Sevendust hit the stage like a sledgehammer. Let the moshing begin! I have seen Sevendust perform many times over the past year, and Vegas warmly embraced the hardcore rock band.

One of the greatest aspects of Sevendust is featured on their latest release, Cold Day Memory the band returns to the hard driving melodic rock riffs combining melody and heaviness wrapped around Lajon Witherspoon’s striking musical vocal style. Morgan Rose did an outstanding job of pummeling the heavier drum riffs around the song,” Black” and recent hit ‘Forever.” Sevendust’s heavy set crushed the Vegas crowd ending on a high note with “Face To Face.”

I recently had the opportunity to see Korn on the Mayhem tour last summer and was excited to see the band at one of the top music venues in Vegas The Joint. Anticipation filled the air, as Korn hit the stage with a vengeance. Opening with “Blind” the momentum of the audience kicked into full metal assault. Jonathan Davis ran around the stage like a lightning bolt, unleashing his unique vocal style amidst the razor sharp guitar riffs of James”Munky” Shaffer. Dressed in a suit and usual white make-up mask, James was mesmerizing to watch onstage. His guitar riffs cover a wide spectrum of musical genres.

Korn have a really unique sound that combines rap-metal-rock and nu-age. You just can’t help but become intrigued by their catchy riffs. Highlights of their set included, “Alone I Break”, and the very catchy “Falling Away From Me.” Saving the best for last, Korn did a medley of hits including “Coming Undone”, a great rendition of Queen’s “We Will Rock You”, “Twisted Transistor”, “Make Me Bad”, “Clown”, and Ya’ll Want A Single.” Korn also did a short meet and greet at the Monster Energy Booth before their set.

One of the top music acts in the industry today, Disturbed destroyed The Joint. Hitting the stage with a loud explosion and great stage show featuring a huge video screen with videos that coincided with each song. Disturbed rocked the house. Singer David Draiman commanded the audience with his powerful vocals. Opening with Asylum, their latest release on Reprise Records, Disturbed pulverized the audience with a sea of hits including “Liberated”, “Stupify”, “Ten Thousand Fists” Indestructible”, and ended the set with “Down With The Sickness.” Last time I saw the band was on The Jagermeister Tour in Boston. It was great to see the band in full command at the top of their game. A Saturday metal night in Vegas doesn’t get better than this. Check out the Music As A Weapon Tour when it hits your city.

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Photos provided by Deb Rao

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