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McCarthy, Sara


Sara McCarthy

Sara McCarthy

In my everyday life, I work in a hospital in order to keep our two teenage daughters in makeup and hairspray as well as supply our small zoo of two Rottweilers and four cats with plenty of toys! My husband and I also are very involved in our local girls’ softball league; my hubby coaches, and I am the photographer for the league.

I listen to a wide range of music, but I love rock. I was raised on Led Zeppelin and have done my best to pass the torch on to our girls. So far, I am 1 for 2. I haven’t given up though; I am convinced I will one day bring her back to rock side.

My obsession with music began in 1985 at the age of 9 when my Mom brought my younger brother and me to see Heart and Cheap Trick in concert. All these years, I thought she was just a REALLY cool Mom, but I recently found out that she couldn’t find a babysitter! (Talk about losing cool Mom points.) My Mom had no idea that by bringing me to this concert, she was introducing me to what would one day become my passion. From that day on, I have attended as many concerts as possible, and when you add the fact that I constantly have a camera in my hand, becoming a concert photographer was a very natural path to take.

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