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LIVE! : Papa Roach with Escape the Fate & Pop Evil

by Sara McCarthy
Staff Writer

May 25, 2011 at Watertown Fairgrounds Arena in Watertown, NY .

Pop EvilPapa Roach and supporting acts Pop Evil and Escape The Fate brought their “Raid The Nation” tour to Watertown, N.Y., Wednesday, May 25. Snaking out from the main entrance was a rather impressive line of fans who kept themselves entertained by drinking, cheering and playing Hacky Sack,while waiting for the doors to open.

Starting off the night, Pop Evil blasted onto stage, never slowed down and filled the arena with their gritty rock and roll attitude. Lead vocalist Leigh Kakaty was on fire and blew the crowd away as the band blasted through tracks, such as “Hero,” “100 in a 55,” “Breathe” and their current single “Last Man Standing.” The crowd was very responsive and answered the band’s energy with screams and pumping fists.

This group of guys, who hail from Michigan, is earning its stripes on the road, and if you haven’t taken the time to watch them perform, you should.

Set List:
Daisy Chain
Bosses Daughter
100 in a 55
Last Man Standing

Escape The FateHardcore rockers, Escape The Fate served as the middle of the night’s metal sandwich. Stylistically heavier than the other two groups on the bill, this group out of Las Vegas pulled even more energy from an already rowdy crowd. Vocalist Craig Mabbitt worked his way back and forth across the stage and alternated between singing and screaming deep, guttural lyrics on songs, such as “Choose Your Fate” and “Massacre.”

It was obvious he was having a great time; he even paused to offer a couple of us photographers particularly great shots. Guitarist Bryan Money was so much fun to watch during “This War is Ours (The Guillotine II)”as his fingers flew over the frets, almost blurring at certain points. Bassist Max Green delivered back up vocals/screams all the while he worked seamlessly with drummer Robert Ortiz, who pumped out the deep rhythm for which this band is known. These guys definitely know how to grab and hold your attention while they take you through their 40-minute set.

Set List:
Choose Your Fate (intro)
10 Miles Wide
Zombie Dance
Day of Wreckoning
Gorgeous Nightmare
Liars and Monsters
This War is Ours (g2)
The Aftermath (g3)

Papa RoachWhen the lights dimmed and Papa Roach took the stage, the crowd progressively got louder with cheers and screams; they were ready for whatever was thrown at them. The band blasted onstage with “Getting Away With Murder,” and the fans loved it. The loud crowd sang along with frontman Jacoby Shaddix as he ran all over the stage to make sure every person in the room actively was involved in the show. Papa Roach followed with “Burn,” which was a song that brought on even more crowd participation; the fans were more than willing to sing the chorus and go back and forth with the band. The band blasted through several of their hits, including “Kick in The Teeth,” “Lifeline” and “Hollywood Whore,” during which Shaddix gave a little jab that was directed at Britney Spears and brought roars of agreement from the crowd. At one point during the show, Shaddix left the stage and went into the crowd and up into the raised seats while singing.

The night was filled with a mix of old and new music. The crowd, at certain points, was louder than the band, and that seemed to impress Shaddix. Papa Roach closed out the night with the huge favorite, “Last Resort,” and it was a fantastic way to end the evening as the fans sang at the tops of their lungs. When Shaddix screamed, the crowd did, too, and the emotions were intense as the lyrics seemed to hit home for many in the crowd that night. It was a night during which everyone walked away with ringing ears, smiling faces and souls filled with sweet music.

Set List:
Getting Away With Murder
Between Angels and Insects
Hollywood Whore
Time is Running Out
…To Be Loved
Kick In The Teeth
One Track Mind
Dead Cell
Last Resort

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Photos appear courtesy of Cyndi Jo

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