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Skoumas, Nikiforos


Nikiforos Skoumas

Nikiforos Skoumas

I was born in 1988 in Athens, Greece, definitely not the metal capital of the world for that matter, but there was always a healthy supply of rock and metal in terms of CD stores and gigs. I resided in Greece up until the age of 17; at which point I moved to the United Kingdom in order to attend university- three years in Cambridge for a bachelor’s degree in management and another at Leicester city for a master’s degree in Marketing. I am currently working in the publications industry, doing my best to market periodicals (namely ‘National Geographic’ and product lines of ‘Marvel Comics’ and ‘Disney’) in Greece.

A collector by nature, I am inclined to obtaining and organizing artifacts perceived as valuable in the rock/metal community. I have collected over 2050 rock/metal albums in their original CD form and own over fifty electric guitars. And yes, I do listen passionately to those albums and shred on all guitars. Favorite musical genres include melodic rock, AOR, hard rock, glam/sleaze/hair metal and melodic/power metal.

I believe that for every album you enjoy you should be able to find similar sounds without having to go into hours of research; unfortunately this is becoming increasingly hard to achieve due to the sheer number of releases and limited promotion. With that in mind, I got into reviewing releases in the spirit of sharing information that will hopefully develop into rock knowledge, socializing and fun.

From: Pikérmi, Greece

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