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Groeneveld, Marcel


Marcel Groeneveld

Marcel Groeneveld

Marcel “Mars” Groeneveld was infected with the rock virus in the mid-’80s and hails from the Netherlands, home of the Van Halen Brothers, Golden Earring and Vandenberg. Groeneveld works as a claims and insurance manager for a trucking company to make a living, but music is his love and passion and where his heart lies.

This Dutch rocker has been active in the music business. Groeneveld started out promoting Dutch bands, such as Sleeze Beez, Vengeance, Jewel and LWS INC., and getting them airplay at the Los Angeles-based KNAC radio station and slowly built up a network in the rock industry. The annual “Foundation Forum” in Los Angeles helped him in the music business, and from then on, he has done management , promotions and bookings for different bands and has toured all over the world.

Groeneveld is a freelance writer, whose work has appeared in different fanzines based in Holland, Germany and even in the U.S.’s Midwest-based fanzine called “Rock Over Europe,” in which he wrote a column that contained a mixture of news items, concert and CD reviews.

He has remained active in music by primarily filming concerts for the likes of Talisman, House Of Lords , Lynch Mob, Jeff Scott Soto, Sleeze Beez, Soul Sirkus and a few other bands. Groeneveld has missed writing, and he is looking forward to sharing his stories here on Hardrock Haven.

From: Moordrecht, Netherlands

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