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Mrozowska, Alexandra


Alexandra Mrozowska

Born in Poland in 1991 I was growing in the world of hip-hop, techno and digital downloads. How come I have found myself in love with rock ‘n roll in such inappropriate time and place? Heaven only knows, it seems! I have spent my earliest childhood years hanging ’round the radio and soon I was to discover I have a soft spot for anything labeled ‘classic’ or ‘oldie’, no matter whether it was 50’s vintage rock ‘n roll, 70’s bluesy rock or 80’s synth pop.

When I was only 9 I started to devour music magazines from cover to cover and watch MTV Poland almost 24/7. Simultaneously, I’ve started to develop my second lifelong passion of writing, putting together lyrics, poems and short stories. Around that time I discovered Bon Jovi and Aerosmith; within the next few years MTV Classic channel gave me a proper recognition of the 80’s and 70’s hard rock and heavy metal and this is when my rock ‘n roll journey began… In my teenage years I decided to try my hand at music journalism. Soon I started to contribute to Polish websites HardRock.Com.Pl and Hard Rock Service with CD reviews, interviews, articles and concert reviews. Later on I started to write for British Fireworks magazine and Rocktopia website; to date, I contribute to the latter two with album reviews and interviews.

Among my other interests is the American and English culture that resulted with my studies in English Philology (since 2010, a specialty: culture studies). Still, music is my main reason to live – 80’s melodic hard rock, glam/sleaze metal, AOR, 70’s British Glam Rock, Heavy Metal (especially NWOBHM), Power Metal, classic blues, 80’s pop, 70’s disco… My attitude is that a real rocker lives and breathes rock ‘n roll – and I love every minute of it!

From: Bydgoszcz, Poland

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