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Brettle, Marija

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Maria Brettle

Maria Brettle

I’ve been truly blessed and fortunate enough to get involved in the media and music industry at a very young age. So, how did I “roll” into the magic world of rock? It all started with rock’s mighty forces: Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Joan Jett, who later became one of my all-time favorite female singers. I then progressed to Zeppelin, Slade, Jimi Hendrix, Ted Nugent, Uriah Heep, Whitesnake, Dream Theater, Van Halen, Aerosmith and Guns N’ Roses. I’ve also enjoyed a long list of the best Glam and Punk Rock acts and then on to today’s stunning bands, such as Arch Enemy, Saint Jude and Rival Sons. The list is endless!

My first and most memorable rock concert was the hard-rocking, leather-wearing Suzi Quatro. Right then and there, I totally was taken by the mighty power of rock. I learned all about the leather-stage gear and what rock music really can do to your heart and soul. It was then that I knew that music was my calling.

Despite my brief encounter working within the film production and television industries, my creativity and real passion always have lied within music and all the wonders of Rock. Over the years, I’ve worked for many great music magazines, where I have had fun and the privilege to meet and work with some exceptionally talented musical artists. Magazines are where I have always thoroughly enjoyed writing, while having great freedom to be myself: Driven, daring and passionate.

To sum it all up, for me, Rock music always has been and still is the best way to have a blast, and it, ultimately, is the highest form of positive force by which to be driven.

It is, indeed, a real pleasure to be a staff member and part of the awesome Hardrock Haven team!

From: Leicester, UK