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Head In A Jar | Atomic Circus

by John Kindred
Staff Writer —

Aussies from Down Under strike again! This time, thrash metal reigns supreme in the guise of Head In A Jar. Hailing from Sydney, the quartet has been on a quest since their first gig in the spring of 2011 to put their own twist on their beloved thrash metal. Guitarists and vocalists Gordy Whyte and Nick Coady are joined by bassist Onni Hirvonen and drummer Adam Hopkins and aim to entertain and deliver thrash metal with a new found energy and excitement for metal fans.

Their first recorded effort is Atomic Circus, a four-song EP of what can only be described as rambunctious, aggressive and over-the-top. When you first hear Atomic Circus, you will recall the band Green Jelly (formally known as Green Jello) and Anthrax because these thrashers bring the energy, and, yes, fun vibe to their music. Heavy thrash-y grooves are paralleled with lyrics about rat kings in “King Gnawicus,” decapitated yet powerful heads in “Head in a Jar” and evil judges in “Judge Mental.”

The band builds its songs from pun-based song titles and then constructs the music. Self-describing their genre of music as Atomic-Circus-Thrash, the band certainly lives up to that moniker. With a goal to produce songs that are “heavy and fast … with a clear melody … each song is uniquely strange,” Head In A Jar have no problem exploring and exploiting their creative side. Obviously, influences by ‘80’s thrash metal bands, Head In A Jar strive to put their own stamp on the genre.

Atomic Circus is a must-listen for thrash metal fans. The music is honest and bottled with the youthful energy of aggression, angst and rebellion. The band currently is working on a full-length studio release, and they continue to tour to support their livelihood and spread their music to the masses. They are slated to perform at the Bald-Faced Stag on Saturday, July 1, with Death metallers Norse, so if you are able to go, check them out, or visit the band online.

Genre: Thrash Metal

Gordy Whyte (v)(g)
Nick Coady (v)(g)
Onni Hirvonen (b)
Adam Hopkins (d)

Track Listing:
1. Bloodsport
2. Judge Mental
3. King Gnawicus
4. Head In A Jar



Hardrock Haven rating: 8/10