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Steve Patrick

Steve Patrick

Steve Patrick lives and breathes music. His parents got him started with their Alice Cooper and Uriah Heep records, but Steve’s interest in rock music truly took off after seeing his first concert: AC/DC. He has a BA in Anthropology, but also considers himself to be somewhat of an amateur rock-ologist as well.

Steve’s official profession is as a remittance specialist for an online bill pay company, but his true passion is writing. While attending Ohio State University, Steve began writing for UWeekly newspaper in 2005 covering many hard rock and metal acts that came to the Columbus, OH area.

Since ’05, Steve has seen hundreds of shows and had the opportunity to interview the likes of Alice Cooper, Rob Halford, Ted Nugent, Zakk Wylde, Paul Rodgers, Rob Zombie, and many others.

Steve and his amazing wife Kat recently had their first son. The happy couple is making sure their son gets off on the right musical path by outfitting him in Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin onesies. Steve also treasures weekend father/son rock DVD-watching time.

From: Columbus, OHIO, USA